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    1. Houston says:

      Called my office number at 6:30 p.m.  Indicated "unavailable"

    2. Rick says:

      I received a call from this number saying they were the U.S. Federal Grant Department and I was eligible to receive $5000. They are calling me several times (5 times or more) per day. I wish I knew how to report these scammers to the US government.

    3. Angelo says:

      Didn't answer, but caller left no message. I suspect it's a spam call that I had previously received, but I deleted my 'history,' so idk for sure.

    4. Ty says:

      You have to stop before you lose it all!

    5. Monroe says:

      I have had several calls from this number, the first time I did not answer, then I tried to call it back and it would beep and hang up. It is really werid, and scary. When I do answer nobody responds and they stay on the phone for about a minute and then they hang up! Time to report this!

    6. Dale says:

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    7. Titus says:

      One text, 2/19 at 5:58 PM, it said: You've just been Chosen to Win a 1000$ BestBuy Gift card! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto and enter 7777 will Recieve it! I did not reply. I did not do anything to let them know that it is a working phone number. I will be blocking this number via my cell phone provider.

    8. Hollis says:

      I too was Scammed I filed a complaint with the BBB and it appears they have gone out of busniess and i have lost 53 dollars BBB told me my case was closed because the company never responded and have gone out of busniess.

    9. Lon says:

      yes im getting messages wtf.how do i find out who this is

    10. Gilberto says:

      Unknown,unwanted call disrupting my morning.

    11. Cedric says:

      Caller knew my first and last name and ask if I were the consultant.  Explained that my life long career was as an electrical engineer. Caller said 'No he wanted the consultant" and hung up.

    12. Nick says:

      Caller ID identified call as "Out of Area".  When I answered, Hello, the caller (she)said "hello Ellen, is Joel there".   I did not volunteer my name and my name is not attached to the published telephone number she called, yet she knew my name.  She said she was calling from Brazil and asked if "Joel" McKinney was there. I said I did not know any Joel.  She asked if he may be a nephew or other relative from St. Charles.  I said no, and hung up. I immediately called my telephone company and reported this suspicious call.  T

    13. Roderick says:

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    14. Stanton says:

      The number is the main line to the hospital

    15. Salvatore says:

      Loan ppl.. tryna mess up yo credit..