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    1. Dwain says:

      Frequent calls and no messages

    2. Collin says:

      this is a fake person whos only out for himself

    3. Wendell says:

      Spam text wanting to know if I need extra funds

    4. Philip says:

      tryin 2 play with my mind. scum bag.....

    5. Derick says:

      I got a text from 207 2748761 saying my card had been deactivated and to call 207 330 2118  I replied to text asking what card is that and haven't gotten a response.  It was the same message as above only in a text

    6. Reinaldo says:

      My 68 yr old (and tremulous sounding) aunt keeps getting a recorded call saying she has won a check for 350 million dollars from bank of America and to call 1-800-827-1471 to claim her money. These calls started July 18, 2012. 3 calls so far. Got to be a scam. I'm afraid to even call the number. We don't even bank with BOA.

    7. Jacinto says:

      Caller claimed to be calling from Tier One, a texas-based telecom company.  They are looking for investors to expand their wireless broadband solutions into the unwired rural areas of Texas where people only have dial-up internet available.

    8. Cecil says:

      This is spam there selling sales pitches

    9. Jefferson says:

      No message. Don't recognize this number.

    10. Donnie says:

      received a call from 228-863-6497 and there was no voice, just air, hung up and called it back, got a recording asking me to set up mail box..my friend that was here also got the same phone call(he has a biloxi,ms number and i have a ky. number)but i have friends and ex wives in that area.I retired from the navy there 17 years ago....i dont have a clue???

    11. Patricia says:

      I'm not answering you'r call

    12. Ashley says:

      Spam; make $100k. Yeah right

    13. Faustino says:

      They called me today, but since I wasn't here they got the machine (and of course didn't leave a message). I get a ton of calls from Google, so they are really starting to tick me off. No way I'll use their ad services now after all the calls I keep seeing on my answering system from them (day after day after day).

    14. Curtis says:

      I am getting repeated calls from this number and I am fed up. "Block Caller" apparently does not work on these idiots. When you dial the number you have the option to "unsubscribe" a number but you must first put your number in - NOT!!!

    15. Rocky says:

      brad fergeson says their punk bi*** for not talking