816-475 Phone Me Not

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    1. Demetrius says:

      Says it's a survey from the government he keeps calling me is it a Scam?

    2. Sang says:

      I just got this new number Wednesday

    3. Francesco says:

      Calling about a survey I did.... Which I didn't do a survey.....Spam

    4. Christian says:

      Saying inapproiate things to me.

    5. Brock says:


    6. Harvey says:

      I get a call from this number every day 1-2 times. I haven't answered because I don't know who it is! They leave a message saying "this is a service varification we will call you back".

    7. Virgil says:

      well i just dont want anything against me ever if cops show up somehow i guess i could pay it right then? if it is true that i owe it? i have nothing in collections on my credit report

    8. Antony says:

      202-200-3579 I AM on the no call list for the good it does me - as I keep getting random calls on my cell

    9. Gerardo says:

      got a call from this number. if you call them back, you can opt out of being on their calling list.

    10. Elwood says:

      Got a call from this number, didn't answer it because I got one yesterday from the same area and looked it up here and it was spam. There were several comments on the number which called me yesterday as well. Looks like I am the first to comment on this number, but when I looked it up just now the Spam Score was 100%. Good enough for me. Thanks, Mr. Number.

    11. Merle says:

      Someone from this number calls at least three times a day and when I answer the phone they don't say anything and than I will hear them hangup and get a dialtone...it is very annoyning and I wish they would stop calling or I wish I could find out who it is and report them, call the number and all you get is a busy signal.

    12. Rodney says:

      werll today i got a message saying 49$/mo bad credit accepted for local listing go to www,greatcarsusa.com car code 1bqcj8 i went to that site but it was not a site for car listings

    13. Donny says:

      keeps calling this Agency at least once [sometimes twice] every morning, Monday thru Friday, without fail.

    14. Preston says:

      Idk this number, please block it

    15. Sammie says:

      Someone from this number kept texting the same message over and over again. Spam...