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    1. Micah says:

      I received a call from 916-134-5678 stating that legal documents were going to be delivered to my address and that someone needs to be there to receive them.  I was given a 866-598-2246 and a case # .  I did call the 866 # and got a recording saying to hold on to get the operator and give them the case #.  I did not hold on, I hung up immediately.

    2. Moshe says:

      Picked up phone on second ring, heard a human sound (cough, not sure) and then hung up.

    3. Raul says:

      Have no idea who this call is from but I suspect it's from a telemarketer

    4. Kristofer says:

      I got a call from 123-456-7893 and it was a commercial for international phone calls. I think they are outside of US.

    5. Milo says:

      Got a very frustrating call from an agent claimging we already had a policy on our 7 year old vehicle with them and it was expiring on the 31st. They claimed we had over $1K in claims but could not tell me WHEN those claims were made. with them so we have used the policy. I advised IF we had a policy we do not intend to renew. The agent continued to badger me about the policy and how much we have already saved with their policy. I hung up on them. They called RIGHT back and continued with the same badgering, and I was highly aggitated at this point. They even proceded to say, 'you sure are rude to someone who is trying to save you money'. This set me off even more. I insisted that if we had claims with them then WHEN were those claims made, but naturally, they could not tell me that because they were just a broker and not person working in claims. They did give me a call back number, but you can bet I have NO PLANS on doing business with someone so damned pushy!!!

    6. Elias says:

      This is a number that shows up when a GMAIL user sends an SMS text via Gmail.  There is a way to opt out in the text message if you want to.

    7. Claude says:

      Legitimate sweepstakes don’t require you to pay or buy something to enter or improve your chances of winning, or to pay "taxes" or "shipping and handling charges" to get your prize.

    8. Mitchel says:

      Hi. I hope the guys u r dating are treating u well.

    9. Erwin says:

      Just called and said they were a debt company trying to collect a debt.

    10. Nestor says:

      same thing. just called me, but left no message.  annoying.

    11. Cecil says:

      sending me spam text messages

    12. Lindsey says:

      calling for some i do not know

    13. Edmond says:

      Same thing happen to me today, and Im in Califorina

    14. Alec says:

      Number came up as "Unassigned" on my Caller ID.  No message left.  I called it and got a recording about a car warranty.

    15. Nestor says:

      I have got two calls from this number on my cell phone.  I've been at work both times and have missed the call.  They don't leave a message.  I've done some research on the internet and the best I can tell, its a scam for government grants.  I continue to ignore the call.