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    1. Chet says:

      Same here i answered and "goodbye" comes on and i go to call back and busy signal

    2. Mark says:

      SPAM! keeps getting stupid text messages from this number.

    3. Christian says:

      I got a call it was air duct cleaning for $29.95.

    4. Von says:

      Some one is txt me from this number and harassing me its a free txt app I woud like to know who is this person plz help me give me answers asap I'm going to appreciate

    5. Leon says:

      They never say anything, I just don't answer any more, they used to ask for someone elses name, they were foreigners....not from america

    6. Alberto says:

      Does anyone here know this number? I hate receiving calls from the person I don't know!

    7. Kevin says:

      Receiving a call from him daily 2-3 times a day, no one says anything and when you call the number back it's not a valid phone number.

    8. Stephen says:

      call from Damon Mathews needing to verify my address because of charges and claims against me?  For what?  call back #  855-258-6059

    9. Claud says:

      I have been getting these call for the past month and this time it's from the number 201-203-9996. They told me I had taken out a loan online and that the loan place wired me $500 to my checking account. That I committed fraud because I never paid the loan back. She told me I had a lawsuit against me and I would have to pay the court fees too. Up to 8,000. When I asked her for Information on when supposely I took out this loan and the name of the loan. She called me an idiot and threatened to come to my job and have the cops arrest me. They have also been harrassing me at work. They told my coworker that I needed to call because I had committed fraud and I could go to jail! These people are unbelieveable! They will stop at nothing! What should I do? Its to the point where I want to change my number.

    10. Vito says:

      Some chick texting her husband isn't home if I'd like to meet her somewhere. Guess she doesn't realize she is texting a married woman, not a guy

    11. Arturo says:

      got a call this morning. no one said anything, just hung up after a few seconds.

    12. Erich says:

      got a spam text about a website

    13. Micah says:

      Scum sucking bottom dwellers collecting on old debt from previous owner of my number. Are there any restraints on who these scum bags can harass??

    14. Rocco says:

      lost most control of my fingers, body, have constant spasms & tremors (post-polio) with throat & lung cancer, so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type or move(but i ain't dead yet doggitt!)

    15. Gail says:

      Woman called regarding electric increases and how to save 30-50%. I asked what she saved on her bill, she said 30-50%. When I asked how much she had to spend to save that much she said it was free. I pressed a couple of times until she backed down and admitted she did not use the service.