817-509 Phone Me Not

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    1. Orval says:

      They call and ask you if you want to repair your credit. Then they ask for your banking information. Once you tell them you don't give that information over the phone and ask for a call back number they hang up. SCAM!! Don't know how they got my number! When you call the number back it's a busy signal.

    2. Wally says:

      I received one call from this number offering a free $45 Visa gift card and $25 American Express card. They insisted they needed my name, home address and a 15 digit credit or debit card number to confirm my address. I did not give it to them. They stated their company name was "Traveler's" something and the male I spoke with was Middle Eastern and very pushy.

    3. Al says:

      this is my friend phone number his name is christopher diamantopoulos

    4. Sidney says:

      If you answer this call a female voice says "goodbye"

    5. Bud says:

      Received 8 calls from these idiots. Getting annoying. Used my call blocking option.

    6. Dane says:

      They are threaten me and my girlfriend and won't stop

    7. Dewitt says:

      been randomly selected for $1000 Best Buy card

    8. Jess says:

      Robot calling to offer money for paying bills

    9. Terrence says:

      They called and talked about Making money leaving voice messages...Scam!!!

    10. Teodoro says:

      Political campaign pre-recording.

    11. Shane says:

      Phone rang, I answered it and nothing on the other end other than a bunch of background voices talking on other phones I'm sure. Has to be a "phone mill!" After 5 seconds with no one on the other end, I hung up!

    12. Larry says:

      This number is really getting on my nerves. I tried to report it to the Do Not Call Registry but it won't recognize the number.

    13. Irving says:

      This number shows up on my phone when someone uses a calling card from the 99cent only store in California.

    14. Dion says:

      I have recieved several calls just today. I am at work and it is very distrupting. when I pick up they hang up. They never leave a mnessage. 6 calls so far today!!! I have a prepaid trac cell phone. How did they even get my number!!!! I am on the do not call list

    15. Murray says:

      they bug all the time asking if I wanted to go back to school