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    1. Ricardo says:

      your entry last month has won and enter your winner code

    2. Donn says:

      This is Google's two-step security verification process contacting you to create passkeys for Google services. Without these codes, you will become unable to log into Google services like Gmail and G+ as long as you have the security verification enabled.If you are recieving these messages in error and do not have Google services or do not have security verification enabled, someone may have entered your phone number by mistake.

    3. Rob says:

      Use facebook Charles Powe.

    4. Jasper says:

      Keeps calling. When u call back, it immediately goes to a beep for you to leave a message.

    5. Joey says:

      omg iam a vitctem and iam so madd at my self 4 this

    6. Lonnie says:

      I just recieved a call from this number as well.

    7. Garret says:

      This one is spam and mr number does not block it :(

    8. Ivory says:

      A woman called and spoke in Spanish telling me she was from a telephone company. She told me she was having trouble hearing me. Could I hear her? Yes, I said. Then she asked if she could have a moment of my time. After I said yes, the line went dead. Now I'm wondering if she just needed me to say yes to whatever question to get me to sign up for something... guess I need to stop being so agreeable.

    9. Michal says:

      I got the same message from a different phone number with the same instructions to claim my $1000 Best Buy gift card.

    10. Dee says:

      I got about 20 or so text messages a day and they all are hate messages

    11. Emory says:

      Who is South Mississippi... Couldn't see the rest of the name!

    12. Clint says:

      block text messages also plz this # has been harassing me.

    13. Teodoro says:

      Robotic Telemarketer from Quality Control Air Duct Cleaning

    14. Lazaro says:

      You are calling number 937-212-3405 this is not the person you are looking for.   They called our office for help.    You are to cease from calling immediately.   If not further action will be taken by our office.

    15. Dan says:

      Read previous messages about this number, decided to scam them.  I told then my parent that they were asking for was not home, so they pressed me, (after telling them I was the daughter) about my mom's credit card debts.  Balance due and which cards had balances.  But they couldn't tell me what card they were calling about, woman with VERY foreign accept got very rude because I kept asking what card they were calling about. She finally hung up.