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    1. Raul says:

      This company calls just about once or twice a week.   Company is NRG - construction/solar, etc.    I asked individual if his company followed the "Do Not Call List" - he said "absolutely"  - I stated that I was on the National Do Not Call List and would appreciated my number being taken off his phone list.  Then I hung up.

    2. Fredrick says:

      How do they get cell phone numbers? If you EVER apply for credit using your cell phone number it is fair game in the credit report market. NEVER use your cell phone when applying for credit.

    3. Kevin says:

      Got a call from this number 121-322-3126 and immediately hung up on them. Did not show where they were calling from.TOO MANY CALLS from these scabs. Get a real job!!!

    4. Federico says:

      same here. one website says it;s verizon account and another says it's ucla something rather. i'm blocking it, especially if it's ucla fundraising. actions speak louder than words. i don't appreciate the hang ups.

    5. Elroy says:

      1-207-200-7514 and I have text each others about a babysitting jobs, which I later found out its a scam. Got me really mad. This people said she's from Portland.

    6. Lynn says:

      I called back and they guy asked for my account number, social, and my date of birth....also when I first called, all I got was some guy saying "hi" and then when I asked who he was and why he called, he said "oh, I'm with chase, what's your account number."  I don't trust it at all

    7. Jake says:

      Supposedly TV Guide; wanted info and when I said if he were with TV Guide, the company would already know date of expiration, etc. His response was not necessarily.

    8. Dustin says:

      Hi. My name is Cathy and I live in Connecticut.  I just received this call from 213-256-0408.  WHich this # is not valid.  Said he had my social number and it's a legal matter.  I AM SO GLAD I LOOKED this up.  The real # he called from, he had a accent, and couldn't understand him that well, is 425-998-2068.  Please let me know if you hear of anything else.  I will report this to the real Attorney Generals Office in CT.  THanks. Cathy

    9. Hoyt says:

      The phone number is provided through US LEC Services out of Birmingham,AL.  They have a Annoyance Call Center -

    10. Ross says:

      caller identifies herself as Wendy and says to call her @ 347 452 2181 and repeats the # a second time but never says what she is calling for. Usually calls between 12pm to 5pm est.

    11. Foster says:

      caller calls never says anything and hangs up..

    12. Keenan says:

      Marie Nelson is the users name. Says she lives in Nigeria with her I'll granny and needs money to pay for granny's meds.

    13. Marcos says:

      Hi all.  This a scam number.  This is the new game from the Nigerian scammers.  Your info is pulled from websites that are either fake or have been hacked by a virus from your computer (key loggers).   They range from a simple they have your name, to a frightening they have your name, SSN, home address, bank name with acct numbers, and they will call you at work as well as calling your relatives trying to scare them too.  This happened to my wife about 10 days ago and she panicked.  The police and Wells Fargo told her about the scam, and we were stunned that they have access to this info.  These people don't live in some mud hut in the desert, sorry for the stereotype, but the large money operations have very good, very modern, computer operations.  Typical ruse happens like this.  They call you and you don't answer.  Phone i.d. tells you it is either 951-263-2529 (Steven Wright with ACLS) or maybe 209-790-3768 (Stevens Law Firm).  THESE ARE THE #'S THAT CALLED MY WIFE.  There are many more numbers though.  You call back and you now think you are talking to a law firm, and there must be a problem.  You are told the loan, or unpaid taxes, or whatever, are being handled by them, and the fines and fees, as well as the lawsuit filed against your SSN (which cannot happen) will cost you $8,000 for example.  You checked out the phone number before you called back and see that it is in California, so when they tell you that you have to be at the "courthouse in Los Angeles Room 117 at 11:30 am tomorrow morning or you will be arrested" is plausible.  You are told that you will be sent to jail, lose your job, home and who knows what else.  You really panic now because you live in, say Naperville, Illinois.  The mind reels, you start thinking it's 3 pm and I have to be in Los Angeles tomorrow morning.  How do I pull that off???  **But if I don't I will lose my job, house and will go to jail.  Now you really really panic!**  By the way the guy you have been talking to has grown threatening.  Then he has a solution... just pay him and the lawsuit will be canceled.  This is stupid I know, but your world has been turned upside down in about 5 minutes.  $8,000 will hurt, but at least I won't go to jail.  Now your attention focuses on getting them the money in the next 3 hours because they are closing for the day.  If you don’t kiss your life goodbye.  You move heaven and earth to complete this task and are assured that he will call you in the morning with the confirmation number and receipt information.  It doesn’t dawn on you until later that the firm only accepted Western Union, but whatever, you are safe, still have a job and house.  Of course you never get the call from them and panic the next day too, and maybe for the next couple of days.  You make a few phone calls, and get the ”I have no idea what you are talking about “ from the bank and the IRS.  And then it dawns on you... Thankfully we called the police first, and they told us to call the bank next.  This is very common, but not talked about because it is embarrassing.  This works because any story can be substituted within the same framework.  The police told us that they had a call 3 days earlier from a terrified 73 year old lady that was going to lose her house!!!  They will prey on anyone.  There are things to try if you are bold.  First, always use *67 or the equivalent to hide your number.  Call the above numbers or others if you hear of them.  Do not give them any personal info.  DO NOT give them a random series of numbers when they ask for your SSN.  You could hurt someone else, or get in a lot of trouble.  â€śI’m not going to give you that over the phone” will suffice.  We know the game and it’s our turn remember.  They are desperate to get your money so they will try different ways.  Also we were told by the police that these numbers that are calling from California are actually phone banks based in California using VoIP.  The officer would only say there is a lawsuit from the Justice Department that has been filed in connection with Magic Jack.  That’s it in a nutshell.  Sorry for the length, but if this helps someone it’s worth it.

    14. Barton says:

      same thing here around 5:50 pm, Creepy voice "I want to play a game".  Well guess what Mr. Creepy voice. I want to play! So call me, you have my number. Coward!

    15. Roger says:

      I don't do texting but received the following "Receive a Fast Cash Loan Today! Fast approval and all credit ok! Visit: MONEY70.com. Please do not get involved with this as you will have nothing but sorrow and a ton of calls you do not want.