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    1. Hector says:

      Claims to be calling from an electrical company in regards to my account. I don't have an account.

    2. Stanton says:

      Bad news! Look him up on BadBoyReport.com He's a trucker and likes to hit women and take their money. Total creap.

    3. Whitney says:

      Credit repair company doing telemarketing.

    4. Damian says:

      I am in the same situation now at South Carolina State University. He/She is targeting young people because he thinks that we are ignorant and dumb. In this insistence he changed his name to Marcin Loo and said he needed a babysitter for his daughter Pebble! So when I tried to google his name nothing came up about fraud but i kinda figured something was "fishy" about the situation. He sent me a check for $3000 and I put it in my bank account that same day, which was a bad mistake of mine. The next day he kept texting me from the number 2095422368 early in the morning about how i needed to hurry up and go to the bank and take $2000 and put it in a money order to be sent to some agent. So me and my boyfriend started digging deeper into the situation and we ended up finding a facebook page about him. He has been doing this at a lot of schools. I then went to the police and they verified that the check was a fraud. Now the bank is about to deactivate my account because i deposited a fake check and there is no way to stop it and i will not be able to open another one at that bank. This really pissed me off but I was really happy that i did not send him that money in a money order because if i did i would have been paying all that money back to the bank. The only thing i lost was a bank account and i can just always go open another account somewhere else. It was nothing but the grace of God that i found out he was trying to scam me.

    5. Gustavo says:

      Trying to do cold call-in sell

    6. Ernest says:

      I have tried to asked them politely not to call me, to take my number off their list and so on and so on. But they are still calling!

    7. Ellis says:

      This number has been calling been everyday too and I just googled it to see if I could find where it was coming from and i found many people have been called by this number. I still don't know what it is  though. I don't have anything in collections so I don't think it is a collector. Maybe I will answer it next time.

    8. Russel says:

      I just received text messages from this guy tonight. He really creeped me out. He also said he had "guessed" my number. Asked if I was single & also asked if I wanted to receive pictures of him. He said his name was Ryan & that he was 37 years old, he's from Clearbrook and that he owns his own construction business.

    9. Felix says:

      Yes, I have been called by this person also.  Meet on line he is definitly praying on woman. Asked for money but I didn't give.

    10. Demarcus says:

      Beware! this is a bogus call. Person knew my name texting " Heyy Lauren" and when I asked who it was told me that they wouldn't say until I added them on yahoo messenger. Not sure what the point of all of it is but definitely shady!

    11. Trey says:

      once you demand a cease and desist, they must stop calling you period! they cannot contact you at work OR home. if they do, you can report them in violation of the FDCPA. they also cannot do any negative reporting on your credit report once you insist on a cease and desist. that is the law.

    12. Irwin says:

      Stupid waste of time sales call so much for signing up on the no call lists...

    13. Gustavo says:

      Yesterday this number was a Dish Network 'poll' - they have called several times. Caller ID says Los Angeles, CA. if you have Comcast phone service you can block up to ten numbers; definitely blocking these folks. For Comcast users press *60 (star 60) and follow the voice prompts.

    14. Jude says:

      i was this told to go to this website to get rich.

    15. Lloyd says:

      Different versions of similar #