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    1. Daren says:

      Same girl harassing me just changed her number again

    2. Fredric says:

      They keep calling and don't leave a msg.

    3. Russell says:

      he keep kallin...an ask fo pics..he da coppa..

    4. Valentine says:

      Yes, I got an automated message saying that the government wanted to help with my debt, and to press 1.

    5. Everett says:

      Internet marketing company

    6. Aurelio says:

      Same as No contest....exact same script.  Only difference was the name of the "Prize Coordinator" and the extension was changed.   Was told to "call within 48 hours, or all prizes will be forfeited".   I think I'm willing to risk it.  SCAM!!!

    7. Darrin says:


    8. Britt says:

      I got a call on my fax machine, just had number and Provo, Utah.

    9. Anthony says:

      This spam number keeps calling me.

    10. Erick says:

      Did not answer call.  Saw on caller ID

    11. Quinn says:

      she is a slit and keeps prank calling me

    12. Abraham says:

      Called house phone. No one would answer when I picked up.

    13. Reynaldo says:

      Caller ID says CSC Holdings.  If this is indeed Cablevision, I'll never pick it up.  They raised my rate again -- no way am I ordering anything extra from them.  They automatically put me in another 'package' that cost quite a few dollars more.  They claim the package I now have no longer exists.  Bunch of bull.  I guess they figure I never upgrade so they'll do it for me.  Greedy sob's.

    14. Russ says:

      Receiving calls for past few days from this number  140-930-2602, but no one answers when i pick up, also its an invalid number when i try to call back

    15. Monty says:

      This number call me all day and I tell them the person they are calling doesnot live here and I don't know this person. I ask them to take my number off their list they tell me its going to be removed but htey still call. I called the number backe the rep hung up in my face. I called back and no one will let me speak to a supervisor. its to the point they are stressing  me for someone else bill that I don't know. I tell them I just got this number. They don't care they are very rude.