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    1. Emmitt says:

      called my cell and didnt leave a message

    2. Myron says:

      Ex-girlfriend being aggresive

    3. Gustavo says:

      got the same call as MAC above on my cellphone, electronic female voice "as you are a Valued Canadian Tire Customer, you have won $3,000 dollars, press 1 to accept". I hung up.

    4. Kerry says:

      I was working for indoor air solutions/zducts/united air care which is all the same company I am not proud that I work for this scam company that is a bait & switch. Indoor air solutions is the name of the TELEMARKETING room, I am trying to find a new job. But I need to expose them this business does not care about the DNC LIST they dont care about being truth ful they dont honor the promos they offer there all about UP SELL the techs work on commission only! they have us calling the same people everyday which is harrassment they hide behind computer generated numbers for the areas we are calling here r just a few numbers they hide behind: 310-774-5505 714-361-4511 818-200-4151 & these numbers go to the same inbox. The actual numbers to the office which is at 9760 Owensmouth ave. Chatsworth CA 91311 are Toll free 866-914-3828 888-699-3688 & (661) 388-0803 the License #942737 I hope this info helps

    5. Erin says:

      this number belongs to a person with a website that deals with bdsm

    6. Bradley says:

      Phone number 678-230-1903 sent me a text message containing an ad about some "high taxes" website

    7. Fermin says:

      Hmm, me too.. also in Dublin.. wtf o_O

    8. Giuseppe says:

      in fact, the number shown on the call display may very well be forged and not be the real number.. as most the time, if you try to call back, number is not in service! Phone companies should have ways to detect mass calling and block them, period! especially cells.. where you loose minutes for nothing!

    9. Denny says:

      It Will Not Leave Me Alone And I Hate It

    10. Tanner says:

      Have gotten 6-10 calls. They disconnect immediately when I speak.

    11. Preston says:

      Spam text me with some crap about winning a wal mart gift card

    12. Theodore says:

      These jerks call 4 or 5 times a day and I owe NOBODY any money. I am sick of it. AND I am on both the state and federal no call lists.

    13. Kristopher says:

      Hate when they keep call when told them not its making me very mad

    14. Mohammad says:

      They just called... I didn't even answer.  I hung up right away.  These people having been doing this for months now!  It won't stop.

    15. Daren says:

      Yep, I got this text this morning at 2am. I knew it was a scam but I also would like to mess with them! Fortunately, I actually do work for the federal government so I texted back explaining that they have now been 'officially' reported.