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    1. Donald says:

      REceive harassing calls from this #. No name appears on CID.

    2. Cyril says:

      I have just got of the phone again from this scam,, just learning it is a scam. BUT YES,, I did turn this in to  the State of Missouri Attorney General's office 'Chris Koster" and did it just the other day  and now, as i get off of here, I am gonna turn in 2 more separate complaints to him and notify him what i am seeing on the internet and many people are getting hit by this guy. this guy called me 2 times today and I got mad both times and hung up on him and i got mad at him the other day to and hung up even after telling him I thought this was a scam.

    3. Richard says:

      Calls once per day - No messages left - Answered 2 times and no one on other end..

    4. Randal says:

      I got the same kind of call today..  who are these people?

    5. Ahmed says:

      wrong number collection call.

    6. Cornelius says:

      Got the same call here in Nova Scotia. I had a lot of fun with the idiot. He told me that there were warnings coming from my computer. I knew this was a scam and told him that, and not terribly politely. I asked for my IP but he didn't have that but made up this huge "ID" number. I asked him for my OS and he guessed that (I do use a Windows 7 box for a few things). I hung up on him and the guy had the gall to call me back and tell me that the call was being recorded so my vulgarities directed as him were on record. I asked if he was calling from India and he said no but said some name I couldn't understand. Sounded like 'Sudan' LOL. I asked him who my ISP was and he couldn't tell me. He always insisted that he wasn't trying to sell me anything. He warned me that he had partial information about me but I repeatedly asked what it was but he had no response. I asked what the "warnings' my computer was sending out were and he rambled off gibberish, including "yellow errors". In the first call he said he was calling from Computer [something], but in the second call he said he was calling from Dell. I told him I don't own a Dell. He also told me that he wasn't just calling be out of the blue. After some more impolite language on my part I hung up and he gave up.

    7. Judson says:

      Isn't that the plot from the Pink Panther? Lol...........

    8. Randell says:

      This joker claimed to have called from New York??

    9. Adan says:

      Received a call from 310-241-0575 a moment ago. Person named "Carla" asked for my husband and I asked who she was with and she said "Publisher's Clearing."  I began telling her that we are on the Do Not Call list and before I got two words out she hung up.  RUDE PEOPLE TAKING UP MY TIME!!!!!

    10. Jess says:

      Asks about surgeries and birth control. ..I think couldn't understand a word they were saying.

    11. Ryan says:

      Someone trying to collect money

    12. Ashley says:

      They're not selling things, therefore the do not call list does not apply to them. They just want to conduct a research survey and are interested in your opinion. If you don't have an opinion or something to say about their surveys, say so and hang up. But blowing an air horn into the phone which could ruin someone's hearing is an asshole thing to do. You might want to think about how you treat other people.

    13. Quintin says:

      trying to sell extended warranty on my car

    14. Marcellus says:

      spam, phishing from this caller

    15. Ernest says:

      I just received a text message that said, "Do you need money for bills or expenses?" The message refers you to the website CashLendLoan.com. My wife got this message on her mobile phone from a different phone number seconds before I received the same message. Obviously a text message spammer.