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    1. Andreas says:

      never left a message and call back not alloyd got it 4 times todauy

    2. Jerald says:

      Caller stated tht I had signed up for auto loan when I stated tht I did not the caller hung up before I could get more details.

    3. Claud says:

      I receive a call but he said his name was Office John Roberts with a heavy accent, they need to be punish.

    4. Sydney says:

      i got tons of call from this number when i pick up no one talks ... first i thought its for adv. of service provider . i think its a tracker.

    5. Benito says:

      he would not tell me his name. he keep asking what i was wearing. and that he was wearing nothing but a towel. kept asking me strang questions.

    6. Emanuel says:

      Called, I didn't pick up.

    7. Simon says:

      never leaves message who are you?

    8. Rueben says:

      Husband verbal abuser....

    9. Moises says:

      Delbert Services. Collection agency for Cash Call.

    10. Nathan says:

      I think that if this sh-- is fake than we should get together and kick somebody A-- for puting this type of sh-- up some people got a life and a dream and have very little money so they look for stuff like this that is a damn shame if this is a scam and who ever allowed this type of sh-- on face then they need a good foot in there' a-- and if this is not a scam well than put me on the list also I want to thank everyone for a ear for listen are should i say for reading............. PS Your spokes person Robert Strauther You can e-mail me @ strautherr@yahoo.com Are strautherrob3g-mail.com Looking forward to hearing from all of you take care

    11. Wade says:

      i got a call from this number, i called it back, message said that this nimber was not recieving incoming calls, i called information to see whos number it was and the operator had no listing

    12. Rolf says:

      This is my post^^ If this number calls and the automated spanish message plays press 1 and a real person comes on the line

    13. Waylon says:


    14. Clay says:

      262-432-9705 - did not say anything. call dropped after I said hello.

    15. Lyndon says:

      Keeps calling our business looking for Sylvia and we have no one by that name....automated debt caller.