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    1. Merle says:

      We've gotten calls from this number several times a day. Caller ID says the number is coming from Wyoming. No message is ever left and we don't answer any number that we don't recognize. We are on the national Do Not Call list.

    2. Dorian says:

      Keep calling about finding a dentist for braces...they found my number online. Ugh pls stop calling

    3. Chas says:

      I just got a similar call telling me my computer was sending out multiple error messages and that they would try to help me resovle the issue. They directed me to their web site, windowstechnicalteam.com where I was supposed to download a file. The site has no windows icons so I started a web search and found myself here.

    4. Domenic says:

      a recording with Senator Dodd talking about his qualifications and campaign for Presidency? But its 2/2/08 and he was out long time ago so I'm not sure why I got this call. Long 4 minute recording.

    5. Thurman says:

      I got a call from my mobile phone from a male police office. He did told me what his name was but he only gave me his last name which was Martinez. This happen on THU JAN 21 2010 in the late afternoon.

    6. Mac says:

      This Number called 3X Called back no answer. Guy with Indian(Pakistan) accent left nasty message, I bearly understood him. I don;t know the company. He CLAIMed he name is Robert Williams.hahaha

    7. Casey says:

      Started calling me yesterday, Got about 4 missed calls so far, no voicemails.

    8. Horace says:

      I get a call nearly every day from these people offering to lower my interest rates.

    9. Freddie says:

      I did not answer.  No message.

    10. Carlo says:

      health insurance solicitation. Recorded message.

    11. Jose says:

      Thank you, Shannon! I too began receiving phone calls from the same number, leaving no voice mail, but, they have been calling me at all hours of the day and night. I don't answer my phone unless I recognize the number or return calls if no voice mail has not been left. I too have been entering my phone number on several web sites to register for a job. To have to put your phone number in just to search a job site should be illegal in itself. Yes I agree, SCAM!!! Can't even search for a job without getting harassed.

    12. Isiah says:

      it got my number from somewhere

    13. Harley says:

      i want to unblock this number

    14. Elwood says:

      This person said he was Tim from Tulsa, OK

    15. Julius says:

      Text about stocks/penny stocks