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    1. Walker says:

      Bank of america fraud dept. Trying to tell me my cc had suspect activity

    2. Dino says:

      Eric hogans friend keeps texting me for no good reason.

    3. Enoch says:

      Received several calls lately.  As a graduate from Uof A I believe it is their alumni office looking for donations

    4. Renato says:

      Asked who I was didn't recognize the voice

    5. Nestor says:

      kamekia thomas aka amy martin aka kia aka booty aka ginger. She is a stalker and very ugly with hot foul pungent breath.

    6. Leslie says:

      Fwd: GET YOUR UNIVERSITY{} DPILOMA - linux.debian.devel | Google Groups

    7. Terrell says:

      If you get a call about getting tickets for a concert from this number IT IS A SCAM. The guy said, "Yeah my step son bought 4 of them and then was sent south for work and couldn't go." FALSE. When I got to the door the lady said they were told to look out for those exact tickets because a bunch of them were sold off Craigslist. So do NOT buy into the story! it is false run as fast as you can away from this situation.

    8. Alec says:

      15 min late, dont know why. I dont know this number

    9. Romeo says:

      He called our business. I missed the call. When I called the number back 4 minutes later, he answered and said he had dialed the wrong number. I don't know if he was a solicitor or not.

    10. Quentin says:

      Got call from them on 4/213. I did not pickup, but when I called them back they had a voicemail with no info.

    11. Danial says:

      Got a call and hanged up as soon I picked up.

    12. Fredrick says:

      I didn't answer the call but they call me frequently and never leave messages.

    13. Neil says:

      Called my iPhone and said they are a company called "LaserLight Communications" and that me and my family had been randomly selected to receive a complete digital satellite system for free, and with it we would get 203 channels such as Nickelodeon, HBO, Fox News Channel, and Channel One Russia, the first television channel to broadcast in the Russian Federation. Hung up after i smelled a scam.

    14. Lanny says:

      Same thing on my truck for sale...said in the first part of the message they were satisfied with the condition and would proceed with the sale if I give them my "PayPal Email"... Then a little further down the message they say to send pictures to verify the condition. I told them to go get stuffed...that was as nice as I could put it - I hate these illiterate scammers - they are a scum on society.

    15. Kermit says:

      this person texted harrasing me and I don't know who it is