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    1. Jonathon says:

      Sent a text saying I won something and tried to get me to go to some website.

    2. Del says:

      You got a quick link for filing with FTC? That would be helpful

    3. Gerardo says:

      Unwanted calls from this number. Selling product

    4. John says:

      Caller identified himself as Joe.  Was rude an bullying.  I am not the person he was trying to contact.  He tried to harass me into giving him the work number of the person he was tying to contact.  The person he was trying to contact lives here temporarily.  The phone number he called is my phone number, not hers.  When I would not give out her work phone number, he said "So, you don't car about (her name) at all, then?"  I replied, "Yes, I love (her name) very much.  That's why I won't give you her number at work."  Joe said, "Wll, shen she is served papers at her work and get's hauled off to jail, I'll be sure to let her know that it was you who were responsible.  What is your name?"  etc.

    5. Randell says:


    6. Collin says:

      They are just harassing my phone sending texts

    7. Dean says:

      Have asked to be taken of the calling list. Am still getting calls. PLEASE REMOVE MY NAME AND NUMBER.

    8. Alberto says:

      We receive multiple calls several days a week from this number.

    9. Elmer says:

      Getting calls all day. I called that 714 number and he didn't seem to know what I was talking about.

    10. Chong says:

      asking for a return call re credit card eligibility but never indicates which card.

    11. Lacy says:

      I got called twice from this number at my cell but no message left

    12. Damon says:

      This number is a scam from someone trying to get your information.

    13. Lenny says:

      They only sent me a message saying hi

    14. Pat says:

      Rec'd a call 02/08/2009 @ 1:51pm PST from CASON.  Let it go to answer machine.  Could hear background noise and voices like from a call center, then call disconnected.  Figured must be some sort of sales group.

    15. Kyle says:

      Left no messages just kept calling