845-231 Phone Me Not

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    1. Jewel says:

      Dr p Daniels something bout tues at lsu

    2. Ivory says:

      Got the call same number it's an access your computer scam. Don't follow their direction! Invaid Caller I'd. They can pul this off by using voice over IP. Do not follow their directions. Tell then to go screw themselves!

    3. Nicholas says:

      Keep calling, no voicemail.

    4. Noble says:

      Calls all the time n send blank texts

    5. Antonia says:

      Call 2 or 3 times a day. never leaves a message, called back and only got a mailbox to leave a message. I have blocked them from my cell phone, but the calls still come through.

    6. Isidro says:

      I keep getting calls rom this number. They don't leave a message, when I've picked up the phone no one is on the line. I've tried calling back and get the message about the phone being disconnected.How the heck can you revieve a phone call from a disconnected phone????

    7. Drew says:

      I received a text for a line of credit. Completely spam

    8. Lorenzo says:

      Got a call from this phone number @12:00am

    9. Ken says:

      the samething came on my phone about the $1500today instant approval from 540-529-8719

    10. Bart says:


    11. Edwardo says:

      Leave it to a Libturd to call names right off the bat. I suggest you go to attackwatch.com and tell them I said that the messiah sucks.

    12. Merrill says:

      Just got a call from them as well. I answered and they were telling me I was approved for a loan??? BUT, to call them back at that # when I was at the Western Union, and they would instruct me on how to collect my "loan"... I would need to "pay" $150.00 to the Western Union, to get $2000 loan, and I would get the $150.00 back so basically, pay $150.00 and get $2150.00 back in about 10 minutes. I asked the lady to repeat, and well,she said call me when you are at Western Union. Oh she also said that I could pay the loan back at $150/month for 13 months.... REALLY??? WOW THATS AAWESOME.... NOT!!!!!

    13. Lorenzo says:

      very rude people called me all kind of name because i call them they left me a message at my job so i call boy they called he all kind of names and this have been going on for a month i just don't call are pickup the phone when i here the accent

    14. Chauncey says:

      Collection, im guessing....

    15. Armand says:

      Did you get a call or text from (240) 318-1521? without sharing any personal information. they call saying they are from the FBI all not true. don't. trust then