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    1. Son says:

      i got one text on april 16 2012 at 7 14 pm. they said thanks for signing up for cat facts you will now receive fun daily facts about cats

    2. Efren says:

      this number is constantly calling me...i haTE IT

    3. Maria says:

      This person has called my business 3 times and has been extremely rude each time. No idea who they are or what they want.

    4. Ethan says:

      Said his name was "Donald" and he's calling from FedEx to confirm a mailing address for a package.  Caller had heavy accent, was reading from a script, and connection was poor.  I think he was a telemarketer trying to get our company's info.

    5. Otha says:

      I received a call from the following number 110-279-1618. I realize this is likely a spoofed number but I am reporting it anyway. The caller told me his name was Adam and he was from Jars Support. He then proceeded to tell me that this company was the only Microsoft Authorized Support Provider and that they had detected my computer has downloaded a virus without my knowledge and that they could help me remove it remotely.

    6. Danny says:

      National Credit Systems, Inc.

    7. Salvatore says:

      why are you calling me in jamaica

    8. Edmund says:

      got a call from AMY collecting for the commonwealth of VA - she claimed it was an old bill - funny the state took that amount from my refund, so they are lying scamming idiots.  Don't negotiate anything with them.  Just send them a budhibbs - Do not contact letter - get it here:  http://budhibbs.com

    9. Harley says:

      Likewise: the chances of a legitimate (non-marketing) caller making three calls to three random folks within 40 minutes is rare, so I'm definitely going to block this number.

    10. Burton says:

      Hello, I purchased a riding mower for $400.00 off of Craigslist from the man that had this number, with a 30 day warranty in writing, the mower does not run and his number is now disconnected and I can't get ahold of him. Is there anything you can do to help? Thank you, Brian bk73@comcast.net

    11. James says:

      It's not spam, it's magic jack.

    12. Jarrett says:

      Congratulations! You've been selected to receive a free cruise to the Bahamas! Yeah okay...Spam!

    13. Marty says:

      A highschool calling about my unborn kid's open house

    14. Rodrigo says:

      After 70 illegal sales calls from these guys, I finally played along with them long enough to find out who they are, today: mostly they are PrimeChoiceHealth.com; mostly a broker for health insurance. Other contacts: Philip at 872(4?) 784 8010 x. 600; the broker Casey 754 201 4141; also 503 457 1236. These guys don't stop. They (or the telemarketer they contract)have their own "internal do not call list." But if you call, they never really take you off the roll. The same recorded male voice answers at least two of their own "do not call" numbers. But they don't stop. I looked up their main 253 & 503 457 1236 number with "Mr. Number" on the internet; it moves from Astoria Oregon to Portland. Blocking helps. Be sure to block each new number they try. Call them back, and if you get the same male voice on the recording, you know its the same outfit.

    15. Forest says:

      Left message: "This is Nielsen TV ratings.  We'd like you to participate..."  They keep calling, insistently, to my business phone number.