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    1. Mason says:

      sounded bogus so I did not answer

    2. Vaughn says:

      Just to warn you, CWA AIL has a very high turn over. if you interview, be sure you dont let them rush you into anything and be aware that they ask you to put a sizable amount of money upfront, and training is not actually paid. it is 100% commision based.

    3. Isaias says:

      received call on my cell (TMobile). call ended just as I answered. few minutes later I heard music and looked at phone and found that it had redialed same number.  I ended call and phone reconnected itself to same number with music playing. I ended call and thinking hacker I called tmobile 611. Conversation with tmobile support. They had me reset sim card and they 'recycled' my phone.  Said there was no billing record for the calls but then offered me discount deal to extend my contract until July 2113.  Since I am happy with tmobile and price was good I accepted it. I am now thinking that this might have something to do with att merger.

    4. Earnest says:

      Take long for them to answer when I say hello

    5. Aurelio says:

      everyday call ,never stop

    6. Arron says:

      It was Sears home-improvement telemarketers, trying to sell home-improvement projects

    7. Jamie says:

      lady named sharon called several times and asked for me by name. When I wasn't there, hang up on my spouse.

    8. Hunter says:

      Me too,no message just a call at 9:05 PM.v6j

    9. Gerry says:

      it says WVCI 1.1 1111 text message

    10. Lynn says:

      Don't answer they give upAnd it's nothing that will hurt u

    11. Johnny says:

      They were asking me to take out a loan at "Chase". It appears to be a total fraud. Be careful.

    12. Jerrod says:

      Same on O2 just now 11:37 am fri 13th didnt answer

    13. Lionel says:

      I've gotten no less than 10 calls from this number about lowering my credit card rates. This last time, I pressed 1 and when connected I asked to be removed from their list and was promptly hung up on

    14. Kristopher says:

      Called at 10:23 pm.  Call sounded like a cell phone but no one responded after I said hello.

    15. Mitch says:

      they asked for a micheal....?I just told them they had the wrong number .