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    1. Lavern says:

      Just got a call from a so called "Microsoft Engineer".

    2. Rufus says:

      Got a call from a person who said his name is Mike Johnson and said he is from Crime Investigation Bureau from Pennsylvania. As soon as I picked up the phone, he started screaming and saying I am going to jail and I am charged with 3 separate issues and I owe IRS over $20k which I am trying to avoid. When I was still in disbelief and trying to digest what he was saying, he said he is connecting to local police in NJ and immediately another person appeared on the Phone by name Watson and said he is a police officer and he received my arrest warrant faxed to him by Mike Johnson,. While still screaming, Mike Johnson said he is connecting to Immigration and make sure I am jail for 7 months and immigration will take away my passport and visa and send me back to India. Another person by name Mehta comes on and says he is from Indian Embassy in DC whereas I thought Mike Johnson say he is connecting Immigration. Now Mehta comes on line and tries to talk to me in Gujurati and I tell him i don't know the language. Mehta starts talking to me in HIindi and says he is trying to help me and asks how much I can afford to pay at this time so that he will negotiate for that amount. At this time, Mike is still screaming that I cannot hang up or he will send Watson to arrest me in 30 minutes. Anyways, I could not take this nonsense anymore as this was a SCAM, hung up and went to my township police and registered a case. Now these guys I think are on the run. When I call back their number, no one answers or the phone message box is full. PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

    3. Mike says:

      Never will like me..never

    4. Anton says:

      Not spam, just some retard looking for "Paul" who can't accept that she's got the wrong number.

    5. Dylan says:

      Don't know didn't answer it

    6. Renato says:

      Just to clarify that the woman who called asked for the previous owners of my number by name and it wasn't just a random call to my number.

    7. Cole says:

      I get this call every day and all it says is Hello then hangs up on me... It's so annoying!

    8. Hayden says:

      Online college placement agency.

    9. Florentino says:

      this people call me at 11:52 PM, it is tha't nice!!!! and what the FCC is doing when you complaint at NO DIAL CALL: Nothing !!!!! I am going wirelles and the hell with the Phone Co. !!!!!

    10. Raymundo says:

      about credit card rates yet you can't call the number back

    11. Bennett says:

      If you are receiving calls from Diversified Consultants and they are not intended for you, please send an email to their Compliance Team at consumersupport@dcicollect.com

    12. Lenny says:

      The subscriber you are trying to reach is not available call back later

    13. Jerald says:

      Got a call from this number, no message left.

    14. Keven says:

      I continue to get text messages from this number regarding a WalMart Money Card balance. I do not have such a card and have not responded to the text messages

    15. Billie says:

      This number has been calling everyday for a week. Has never left a message. Called number back and it was some kind of marketing firm that said it represented several clients. Gave option to be put on DNC list, pressed number and Hopefully they go away!