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    1. Caleb says:

      has been calling every day for past week. Either hangs up as soon as I answer or if they get voice mail

    2. Denver says:

      Same thing...ignored the call  ... received 12:02 Eastern

    3. Levi says:

      I'm a masseur and felt something was wrong right away just by how he responded after sayin hello. He was like whats up? When can you come over? So I just hung up on him and he's called like 6x withing the last 3 hours. Something told me to look him up and sure enough here is everyone's posts. If your an escort or masseur be careful.

    4. Jonas says:

      Yes, i got a text from this number saying i was a loser

    5. Tuan says:

      I just got the 2nd call in five minutes from this number. Like the previous person said, all it did was beep. There was no voice. Whoever owns this number needs to just stop calling and annoying people. Especially, this early in the morning. That's just rude and inconsiderate.

    6. Manual says:

      This happened to me lastnight, I was totally freaked out!!!!! he had the laast 4 of my soc. number and my e-mail address. they asked me for my attorney number and then didnt want it. then i had a attitude and he got one back at me and told me the police will be coming to my work and i will be locked up for 30 days. WTH...... they claimed i took a loan and now with all the late fee's etc. i owe $8, 640 dollars. All of this is ridiculous and not true!!  how the heck did they get this info and why are they threatening me?

    7. Kevin says:

      jealous provider much @ Helper?

    8. Teodoro says:

      I received the phone number at 8:00 on a Thursday night.  I said "hello" twice and they hung up without a response.  This is the second time they called.  The first time the number just showed up on my caller ID, as we weren't home.

    9. Rudy says:

      they text me about a loan

    10. Dick says:

      I answered a phone call from this number. The guy was talking fast, didn't get his name. He kept saying that I wrote a bad check. When I told him I don't use checks, he changed his story. I asked him for a copy of the complaint. He refused. I hung-up the phone.

    11. Craig says:

      Called and (I think) pretended to be a telemarketer. Noisy environment in the background. Wanted to know if we were on Rogers home phone or Bell because he had an exciting offer. But it smells fishy. Told him thanks, no thanks.

    12. Carson says:

      I received text from +12094850391 as "you've just been Selected to Win the New ipad3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3winner.info and the code 7777 will Receive it!"

    13. Carlton says:

      I keep getting calls from this number & several other numbers with random area codes from all over the United States. When called back, they all say, "Not a working number". They called 10 times in a 5 minute period. Getting tired of this!!

    14. Donovan says:

      Garbage call.  Didn't leave a message.

    15. Orville says:

      Called my business cell yesterday and today. No message. I'm betting it is some telemarketer.