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    1. Lenny says:

      Caller ID showed "Unknown" for 205 313-1108; I answered and the male voice identified himslef as Harold from the Alabama Peace Officer's Association. I told them I could not help . . .

    2. Keneth says:

      I keep being harrassed by this number

    3. Charles says:

      asking about home security

    4. Jayson says:

      People please beware! I received a call from this company a few months ago regarding a civil case. Though I had not received any information in the mail regarding this pending lawsuit. I made arrangements to make a payment on an outstanding account. Wouldn't you know they took my payment never sent me a letter confirming the matter was resolved. Yes, the same number appeared as above. Do not confirm any information with this company its a scam. The rep refuses to confirm who the debtor is or why you haven't received a letter.

    5. Javier says:

      they wont stop. need to block and report to the police.

    6. Craig says:

      Jill scott with total health care

    7. Billy says:

      caller unkown hangup calls

    8. Johnnie says:

      I called the number back and was told they are a telephone company...She said Pulse was the name of the telephone company. I asked to be removed and she got my number and said she would remove me. I guess we shall see.

    9. Francesco says:

      Won't answer when you call back!!

    10. Emil says:

      wrong number. (someone calling for collection)

    11. Jewel says:

      Got a call (5:10pm), silence. I said "hello", some noises and then silence again (you can tell there is somebody there though). I've had multiple calls from Spanish speaking people trying to sell me a long distance plan, I assume now from this same phone. I've always been polite and simply said I wasn't interested, until recently I started telling them to please remove me from their list as I am in the Canadian No-Call registry. Everything very politely, but lately they have started to hung up on me when I start saying it.

    12. Moshe says:

      Can we fix a proximity sensor issue?

    13. Raymundo says:

      unidentified caller who calls, does not leave message.  This is very annoying.  Can someone stop these unsolicited calls???

    14. Tim says:

      Pick up the phone, they hang up immediately. Dialed the number but it says the number is not in service. Complained "Do Not Call Regis." several times from a couple of months ago, but the number still shows up on my phone records average once a day. Whoa nd what is it?

    15. Brent says:

      indian voice hung up as soon as i started asking questions