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    1. Parker says:

      They call every hour but never leave a message.

    2. Jesse says:

      The caller called twice asking me if I speak Spanish.. Wtf

    3. Johnson says:

      Marketing for cruise ships.

    4. Shelton says:

      Today I got a call.. It assume some trap.. I dint pick up.. want to know.. whose tht no.

    5. Forrest says:

      the girl you mentioned is Syliva Davis.... if you check other forums regarding this waka network gift card.. almost all calls are made by 1 female voice... $50.00 gift card,.. $100 wallmart gift card etc... the introduction is regarding a SURVEY that you didn't know... and she will offer the said gift cards., She will ask about your Information such as name, email add which is in the other side they already knew and the data is viewed on their computer, they are only comparing it if it is really you... then ask for your Money Card Digits... Sylvia is computer pre-generated voice agent, simply known as AVATAR like the movie ^_^ someone is controlling her response on click on a keyboard... it is the reason why if you ask some questions and the answer is not on her data.. she will answer you but not related to the question or simply non sense... I've been searching for the TRUTH if the Gift card is really true...coz I my self Sylvia Davis didn't know if what I' am offering is legitimate, " In short I am one of the Human controlling the AVATAR." and I am tired of this thing. it is STEALING.  I ask the company in which I work about this thing that we offer and they say it is Legitimate but they couldn't prove it is., besides check all the forums out there regarding to the said Waka gift card out of all 100 person 100 person gives negatives feed back... I've been searching for that 1 person who did got her or his gift card.. but none that i found.... Regarding the Dont Call List... yes it doesn't work... The server is calling the number automatically and it will never stop,. if you do have complains you can't call the Waka Network because it is hidden under a call center telemarketing company.... if you NEED informations regarding the company... Email me at sylvia_davis100giftcard@yahoo.com and ill give you all the Info's the you need.... it will never stop as long as there are controlling the AVATAR...

    6. Ted says:

      someone calling about reducing credit card interest.

    7. Garth says:

      Just got called.. let it go to vm

    8. Fidel says:

      Called our land line.  Huge pause after I said "Hello," and he asked for the man or lady of the house...

    9. Patricia says:

      I answered it and someone was there, but no one answered back so I hung up and then called the number back and it said it was a disconnected number. Is this a prank call from an app that disguises your number?

    10. Elmo says:

      Received a call from :     209 220 1945

    11. Brent says:

      They said I would like to talk to you not on FB and not vie text

    12. Burt says:

      Didn't answer, didn't recognize number

    13. Numbers says:

      all i heard was people talking, no one answer when I said hello.

    14. Kirk says:

      NETSPEND ALERT:  Your CARD starting with 4380 has been DEACTIVATED.  Please call 512-641-6033.

    15. Terrance says:

      Received two calls, did not accept either. Number unknown.