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    1. Kenton says:

      Getting the same call...within minutes of each other. Thank you all for your posts. It lets me know to put this number on my "list".

    2. Cruz says:

      put the phone number on the do not call list. it works.

    3. Filiberto says:

      Someone has called me from this number 4 times within an hour and will not leave a message but when I try to return the call, it says this number is not in service.

    4. Sung says:

      this is a google voice number. some1 who know has 2 numbers. no need to freak out on this one

    5. Robt says:

      Received call on cell phone from 270-568-1978.. they regreted having to tell me that my M & T debit card had to be deactivated. Wanted me to "reactivate".... I did no such thing... S C A M !!! Like another report above... bank only has my home #... When I called the # back - it's a fax line... S C A M !!!

    6. Al says:

      I went ahead and cancelled my credit card (the cc company is reissuing another with another number).  So, if they decide to charge my old credit card, EVEN AFTER we've cancelled which we did so today, the charge will not go thru.

    7. Kurt says:

      I get constant texts and calls from this number. Its my ex-husband who won't stop calling me.

    8. Stan says:

      calls tonight a friend annoying me

    9. Kieth says:

      A Computer Call Re: Medical Lawsuits

    10. Marlon says:

      Just kept calling and calling and calling, no breaks in between. I picked up finally but didn't say hello and there was nothing on the other end but silence and then a dial tone. Then immediately called back. Finally I said hello and heard a beep and hung up. No more calls. Annoying and creepy.

    11. Jefferey says:

      we are a business & get calls from them, they say nothing & sit on the phone for about 30 seconds before disconnecting

    12. Franklyn says:

      they called yesterday and i told them not to call again.  offered to modify my mortgage at 3% for 30 years.  yeah, right.  they called again today and i told them to put me on the do not call list and hung up.  the guy called me back and fired off a string of expletives about what he would like me to do to him.

    13. Dominique says:

      I get the same call.  I have not smoked in 30 years and don't go in bars because I am unable to drink due to health condidtions.

    14. Shirley says:

      Just got a call from this number as well. Started yesterday - they didn't a voicemail.

    15. Byron says:

      Some bs about I owe them money in an foreign voice but could not give info asked for my personal info