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    1. Ashley says:

      I got the same call and don't enter contest either.

    2. Kasey says:

      This is Service Magic. Changed there name. Sly dogs.

    3. Nathaniel says:

      Ohhh my. I cant believe that he has harassed others as well. I never gave him my number. He went to a gym that I used to work for about 5 plus years ago. I still wonder till this day how he got my number. He just called me a few minutes ago. He calls at least once a year. He even mailed me something regarding a yard sale. Its scary how he knows where I live as well. Something must be done about it. Its getting creepy. I'm going to call the police about this man.

    4. Lawrence says:

      Futher your education! #Annoying

    5. Angel says:

      It starts with STOP before you delete this message. Everyone wants to make more money...blah blah

    6. Allen says:

      My friend says this num keeps txting her and wont leave her alone either

    7. Chet says:

      Live connection, hear TV in background, the rest dead air.

    8. Rolf says:

      I also recieved 2 phone calls at my work place today. I was not at work so the first time they left a message stating his name was Jacob Reid left the above number and said he was from Case Law Office. Later today I received the second phone call at work...again I was not there. He said his name was David Clark and that if I didnt return his call they would take me into custody. I dont know  why theyre calling lookin for me nor do I know how they got my work number. Im a little scared after reading the above message. I dont owe any money.

    9. Hipolito says:

      Classic spam-text, asking to talk on Yahoo Messenger. Oddly knew my name.

    10. Gilbert says:

      they called my direct line several times at my place of employment

    11. Marcelino says:

      Wrong number and keeps calling for Dave

    12. Rich says:

      Unsolicited offer for loans from www.24hr-cash.com

    13. Colin says:

      some sort online schooling that keeps calling even after being told you want to be removed from their call list.

    14. Sherman says:

      Voicemail saying they got my # & name because of interest in making $. I didn't sign up for anything to provide info.

    15. Hollis says:

      calling my cell.  no message, no ID