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    1. Ashley says:

      I got the same call and don't enter contest either.

    2. Kasey says:

      This is Service Magic. Changed there name. Sly dogs.

    3. Nathaniel says:

      Ohhh my. I cant believe that he has harassed others as well. I never gave him my number. He went to a gym that I used to work for about 5 plus years ago. I still wonder till this day how he got my number. He just called me a few minutes ago. He calls at least once a year. He even mailed me something regarding a yard sale. Its scary how he knows where I live as well. Something must be done about it. Its getting creepy. I'm going to call the police about this man.

    4. Toney says:

      Same as the others....I'm on the do not call list and they're calling anyway to offer to clean my carpets.  When I got a rep and asked to be removed, they hung up!  GRRRR!!!!

    5. Lawrence says:

      Futher your education! #Annoying

    6. Angel says:

      It starts with STOP before you delete this message. Everyone wants to make more money...blah blah

    7. Allen says:

      My friend says this num keeps txting her and wont leave her alone either

    8. Ernest says:

      I have received a text message from AT&T. As part of AT&T's loyalty program you may register for a FREE Apple Ipad3. Go to AppleOffers.com To Claim yours today.

    9. Marcelo says:

      This guy has called at 4 times a day, for the past year. He claims I have around 15K in credit card dept and he can help. I have informed him many times that I don't have half that, and I am not interested. I have asked many times, to be put on the no-call list. He hangs up before I finish. He calls back from a day later from a different number, and says "Hi..., I spoke with you tow days ago and you said you were busy, and asked me to give you a call back". I am fed up with him. I never know when to answer, because he calls from different numbers all the time. I had my phone provider block the number for 2 months. It didnt do any good because they call from different numbers. He called one day, and I handed the phone to my husband. The guy got mad and cussed my husband out. My phone provider said the only way to stop this is, if enough people complained to the FBI. Dont know if this would actually work or not. I cannot tell you how fed up I am.

    10. Erwin says:

      This is plain pure and simple BS. Have told them not to call half a dozen times. Think I'll show them how I get my name!!

    11. Chet says:

      Live connection, hear TV in background, the rest dead air.

    12. Rolf says:

      I also recieved 2 phone calls at my work place today. I was not at work so the first time they left a message stating his name was Jacob Reid left the above number and said he was from Case Law Office. Later today I received the second phone call at work...again I was not there. He said his name was David Clark and that if I didnt return his call they would take me into custody. I dont know  why theyre calling lookin for me nor do I know how they got my work number. Im a little scared after reading the above message. I dont owe any money.

    13. Hipolito says:

      Classic spam-text, asking to talk on Yahoo Messenger. Oddly knew my name.

    14. Gilbert says:

      they called my direct line several times at my place of employment

    15. Marcelino says:

      Wrong number and keeps calling for Dave