856-412 Phone Me Not

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    1. Nathanial says:

      They call me four times a day everyday. This is happening for three months everyday!

    2. Randall says:


    3. Horacio says:

      winner 41577 you won a Ipad 4 or $1000 Walmart Card from face book

    4. Elbert says:

      Got a text at 12:04 am with the following message: Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New ipad3 but only the 1st 1000 that got to a "web site" and enter a code will receive it... SPAM! of course I didn't reply just hate that we are now being SPAMED on our cell phones at midnight...

    5. Enoch says:

      yes I did get a call and do not recognize the #

    6. Porter says:

      210-254-1143, called them back, this is Time Warner

    7. Wes says:

      I ask them to quit calling they keep doing it

    8. Miles says:

      I got a call from this number this morning and I looked it up, it is in Ripon, CA. I don't know anyone living in Ripon. Going to wait and see if they attempt to call again. I love to screw with telemarketers, I have an airhorn that I use at full blast and will pop their eardrums with it. Usually never get a call back, if I do from the same number, I do it again. That is some funny s***, I recommend all people do this to people that  call and telemarket you or wake you up from a deep sleep.

    9. Ronald says:

      I am in San Antonio and have Tmobile. They are now saying they're from USAA

    10. Will says:

      Company is calling wrong # looking for someone else!!!

    11. Barney says:

      This number has been calling our business for the past two hours, going on three! I have called the number back and left a message to have our number removed. We'll see if this continues all day!

    12. Colby says:

      Sounded like a recording and they said "its your neighbor and you keep stealing my paper"

    13. Lyman says:

      My ID said:224-244-5538 this AM. No message. 3rd one in past two days, using different phone #

    14. Broderick says:

      calls every hour to an 800 number I have, the call seems to be a speech by someone.  Very hard to hear what is being said and why.  No live person on the call.

    15. Garth says:

      some drug addict calling about drugs and beer!