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    1. Marquis says:


    2. Clint says:

      I called the FCC and they wont help because I am on a business line. I have personally spoken to live people at this number and they seem to be offended that I want to be left alone. My business will NEVER need google EVARRRRR. These people cant even tell when they are wasting their time!

    3. Ian says:

      yes...don't know who it was

    4. Sanford says:

      I have Verizon wireless home phone and am able to block this number on the web. Good luck. They were calling me every 2 hours.

    5. Monty says:

      they have called me several times a day...i wish i could find out who it is

    6. Dino says:

      You can block the number with mr. Call

    7. Deon says:

      keep callin my phone and threating me.....i want to report them

    8. Huey says:

      Called my cell phone at 8:05pm on a Friday night. Delaware phone number so it was after 11:00 pm there. Not the first time, but I never answer. They don't leave a message so probably some sort of scam.

    9. Ken says:

      They call twice, and they even speak english ask to many question, about if I wanted to save money, but they want my credit card number info... And I told them I will no give any info and they hang up... Whatever !!

    10. Ed says:

      Stalker Potential Adora West

    11. Chadwick says:

      Have StraightTalk prepaid service. Received 2 calls from 800-000-0000  in 20 minutes. My CHILD answered the 2nd call because it is HER phone, then handed it to me. It said $400 credit on your Verizon bill as well. We too have NEVER had any Verizon cell nor Verizon home service.  This seems reminiscent of the scams that occurred last fall via text to cell# and calls to home #s from *digital* *real people* saying you've won $1,000 Target & Walmart gift cards by log going onto website with redemption code.  My low income disabled sister almost got scammed by the home phone call Walmart one when they said she had entered an online contest & won, then wanted you to loggon to computer until I grabbed the phone & started asking the questions like 'I'd like a. Supervisor, this is a con,....oh no it's not we are legitimate....you are a computer...no I am   SallyMay I am real... continues over & over... The next time I said we don't even have a computer to enter a contest with (which was true) but that hard core *live* SallyMay just kept on....It is all probably the SAME Nigerian Scammers at work in some cartel. I feel bad for the people who get scammed paying the *small processing* OR*small shipping fee*

    12. Dusty says:

      This number calls me repeatedly.  I do not answer "private name" calls.  When I call it back I get a recorded message "You have reached "unintelligible name" recording device."  Tells you to leave a number for them to call you back (as if).  It's probable some kind of time share rip-off "reseller".

    13. Ernest says:

      two calls 1.5 hours apart on 2 seperate unlisted number not calling common number. that implies a robo-call to me.

    14. Thomas says:

      when they call, be sure to ask them to please hold on, set your phone down next to the radio or TV so they have something to listen to as you waste their time.  pick up phone every few mins and say "hang on, i'll be right back"

    15. Gayle says:

      I regret that I made the comment. The offer seemed to good to be true. It may be legit. Will keep you posted.