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    1. Tobias says:

      I am so fed up with these calls - even if I hang up immediately it still costs me 1 minute - I am on the "Do Not Call" list but that is obviously irrelevant.

    2. Duncan says:

      Called on 11/11/2013 @ 11:38 AM from Fresno, CA. This time Caller ID shows Funding Solutions. Last time this was a Google listing scam. Scammer is  working all the angles.

    3. Charley says:

      Does not what to say the callers name or company.

    4. Chong says:

      This is just a mobile company trying to get you to take a policy with them. They are not T mobile folks ! You might also get a text saying "Upgrde Centre" trying to say they are T mob. Ignore it.

    5. Emmett says:

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    6. Lewis says:

      Card holder services, said there is nothing wrong with my account but to consider this call my final notice to lower my interest rates. Press 9 to lower my interest rate.

    7. Charlie says:

      They said they're calling for a survey. They keep calling everyday leaving messages saying they'll call back later.

    8. Judson says:

      this is a recording from Sprint about a past due balance

    9. Freddie says:

      They called my cell 4-5 times yesterday and last night. They didn't leave messages. Im sick of this

    10. Luigi says:

      Debts are civil and not criminal matters.

    11. Carlos says:

      Automated message to save home from foreclosure by pressing 1 to be contacted to the Home preservation department. This time I reached Lola who told me that their company's purpose is loss mitigation, meaning they can lower a person's mortgage interest rate without the need for a refinance. They take on any mortgage with an interest rate over 2%. They contact the lender and renegotiate the lower rate and lower payment schedule without the need for refinance. She stated the name of the company she works for is Nationwide Preservation Company. She said there is a fee for this service. She would not tell me the fee because she said it is decided on a case by case basis after the mortgage paperwork is received from the applicant to them. Her call back number was different than the caller ID. Her call back number is (310) 307-3590

    12. Christopher says:

      Do not pick up the phone with this number. You will have a lot of problems.

    13. Reginald says:

      Just talked couldn't understand

    14. Jacques says:

      nco financial systems, debt collector

    15. Antone says:

      Scam call. Trying to get your personal information. Claimed to lower your rate on your credit card. When asked what the name of their company was he hung up.