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    1. Denis says:

      My neighbor had this happen to her to. What kind of phone carrier does everyone have? What can be done about it?

    2. Archie says:

      Had a missed call on my phone from this number. No messages left. I called the number back and a woman answered and then after about two minutes of silence sounded like a recording of talking... like when a telemarketer calls.

    3. Milford says:

      Also received and did not answer.  It hung up on the answering machine.  Tried to call it back but not a working number.  Who is it really?

    4. Dino says:

      They called my home and my job stating I had 3 fraud cases against me. I have never committed from I am tire of these harassment calls. I have report the Atty General and the FBi

    5. Octavio says:

      Recieved call from this number at 10:26 and called it back and it was disconnected.

    6. Bertram says:

      How do you get rid of this??

    7. Amos says:

      Me too. I spoke with a lady who was vague as hell and I told her I graduated a long time ago and do not call me. She was evasive and just kept saying an associate must've called about educational whatever. Annoying as hell as they have called everyday for like a week.

    8. Walker says:

      I just a phone call from them. I can't stand them. When you dont get to the phone they call and call and call. And when you do answer the phone, you cant understand any of them what so ever. I wish they would stop calling.

    9. Guadalupe says:

      called on the phone left no message on the phone id said gadsip2

    10. Salvatore says:

      Idiot looking for a job with an automated machine. No wonder he's unsuccessful it been two years I've received his calls.

    11. Nolan says:

      Dont know what this is. When you call the number back a disconnect message is received.

    12. Omar says:

      dont accept a call from this number

    13. Son says:

      Same as me...the guy who barely spoke english told me to go f*** myself....to suht my mouth and stop talking son of a bi***!

    14. Carter says:

      this number is mojo in the moring a radio show that prank call random people for fun on the air if they call asking you stupid question bust them and say you know its mojo

    15. Larry says:

      Received 4 calls from this number just today. Does not leave a message and since I don't know who they are I don't want to answer the phone just to have to deal with telemarketers, etc.