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    1. Joaquin says:

      Student services. For some online school

    2. Jewel says:

      Called at 3:15 am, left no message on voice mail.

    3. Jeremiah says:

      got a text from this person 4 to 5 times saying r u home alone i have been thinking about u and other stuff

    4. Dudley says:

      If I don't recognize the area code and number, I WILL NOT TAKE THE CALL.   If it is that important that I be reached then a live person will have to leave me a message.   Sorry, but I AM SUSPICIOUS.   Once bitten, twice shy.

    5. Eugene says:

      Called my cell. I have no idea where they got the number since I give it to very few people. I didn't answer, so have no idea what they want

    6. Stephan says:

      they called and said that this is my final notice for an update on something that had to do with my car, expect that my car is in my parents name, and at first i had a real live person talking to me and then i had an automated voice talking to me to press 1.

    7. Brian says:

      Fax number I mailed a payment to. Now the fax number won't go through.

    8. Cristobal says:

      calling every hour. very annoying and they do not leave message. I do NOT answer unknow numbers... so they are SOL unless they leave a message. they need to stop!!

    9. Darrel says:

      I get several calls a day from someone at this number, no name or message.

    10. Dion says:

      Sales sales sales automated call. Spam

    11. Jordan says:

      4am west coast time; 7am DE time my phone rang I didn't answer no message.

    12. Lawrence says:

      Continues to call at all hours. I called back to be put on do not call list and they called right back

    13. Shawn says:

      calls all the time but doesn't leave messege.

    14. Merlin says:

      he sold me a transmission that was no good

    15. Denis says:

      Democratic Election Calling Machine. They want you to get out and support Claire McCaskill. If you want to waste their time like they waste yours, just keep telling them "Oh, really. Can you explain a little more?" 40 min. later I told them I was a republican.