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    1. Buford says:

      I received a text at 3:46am from this number that stated: Claim your gift now while supplies last! Just tell us where to ship it! Visit: Gift50.com 2nd reply stop

    2. Federico says:

      yet another"merchant services"spam salesperson

    3. Wilfredo says:

      called me for weeks i aswerd and it said please wait for a repisetive and then i guy came on asking for miguel?????

    4. Mary says:

      This number has called me almost once a day for the past two weeks at different times during the day...I live in Chicago and don't know anyone in Utah either.  I picked up the call once and just heard a click and then I dialed the number last night and the message said "the mailbox belonging to ----- is full"...

    5. Francis says:

      Called 6/11/2013 at 6:48 pm no message on the answering machine.

    6. Rick says:

      Definitely spam. "Here's how to lower your credit card debt....."Well, I don't have any.

    7. Roger says:

      IF this telephone number (210) 337-3403 comes up on your caller id. This phone number is coming from the following office:

    8. Lyndon says:

      spam sent to my Sprint text msg service reading:"Do you need up to $1,600 today? It's secure and takes only minutes at www.quickatmfund.com - Respond 'STOP' to be removed from alerts"I did not reply.

    9. Frederic says:

      If you call back this number you get a message that says "this number not in service at this time."

    10. Alonso says:

      A headhunter calls from this number.

    11. Lamont says:

      they kept holding phone then hanging up. call back saying curse words

    12. Ali says:

      Didn't answer but after reading this I'll save the number as "REJECT". Thanks, Mr. Number.

    13. Rigoberto says:

      Me too got a call any info please put on the forum............

    14. Clay says:

      Don't let this scare you. Just some clowns  that have somehow gotten hold of our phone number. The same # was calling me last year (2007)....then it stopped. Just today , it started again. They are in Canada....I was able to get that much. The only thing I have done lately is fill out job applications on line.....coincidence???????? Don't bother answering....but please don't be scared.

    15. Pablo says:

      I keep getting this phone number calling my house several times a day. I don't have time for this mess. They want access to my computer. This is crazy!