865-548 Phone Me Not

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    1. Preston says:

      Advice for everyone-keep track of the phone calls and messages (if you have a cell phone they usually give you a detailed monthly bill).  If you have asked them to stop and they don't-Immediately contact the FTC and your states attorney general.  Submit your phone records as prove-be a little hard for them to dispute with evidence.  If you live in the state of ohio you can even record the messages they leave on your voice mail and submit those as evidence.  They are not permitted by law to discuss your situation with anyone other than yourself or your attorney.  If done properly this can lead to a class action suite filed by your states attorney general or a lawsuit filed by yourself individually.

    2. Johnie says:

      threatening me threw texting

    3. Colton says:

      Look for Primerica FOX News .... it is the Largest Financial Company.Eduard Jones has 12,500 representatives, Primerica has over 100,000

    4. Kory says:

      They keep calling me at work trying to use my number as the fax number.

    5. Desmond says:

      Creditors for educational loans

    6. Abram says:


    7. Dexter says:

      this number has called me over 10times

    8. Tuan says:

      Asked me to verify information for life insurance quote and it was all wrong. I requested quote on car insurance.

    9. Daren says:

      I have received numerous calls from this number informing me I've been selected to win a vacation. There is no prompt at the end to be removed from the call list. STOP CALLING ME!!

    10. Val says:

      Its a pay phone. Did the research myself.

    11. Rico says:

      Financial Management Systems.

    12. Quentin says:

      Received a call from this # earlier today but didn't answer. I don't know anyone who resides in California.

    13. Fred says:

      Brothel 107 E Fort St Fort Laramie, WY

    14. Jerry says:

      I hung up on them and they immediately called back so I sent it to vm. He left a message saying "Hey F*** You"

    15. Pablo says:

      I got one call from this number. It rang once and stopped. I think whoever it was was hoping I would call them back, thereby freeing them from the "no call list".