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    1. Jamey says:

      Got this spam text today:  "OnStar is tied to the car" "My911 stays with you!!!, PLUS a whole lot more" All for $4.99 per year.

    2. Ferdinand says:

      I was being harrassed by a 3rd party gas company to get my business away from consumer's energy here in MI. they were coming to my door about every 3 wks. advised them to leave. Now I understand that they got my unlisted number and calling my home. When I answer they hang up. I called back and it says # nis.

    3. Hollis says:

      Said I Was A Winner From Something Random....

    4. Lyndon says:

      calls once a day, after 15 seconds automated voice says good bye

    5. Louis says:

      Over the last month or so I've received numerous calls from 262-9716, each time with a different, non-existent prefix.  Strange.

    6. Andre says:

      Texted me asking to see my "amazing p***s "   weird

    7. Phillip says:

      Has anyone gotten called from this number? They called us twice in 10 minutes. They didn't answer when I picked up and didn't let it go to the machine the second time. Caller ID said 140-682-9139, and *69 confirmed it. Strange.

    8. Ellsworth says:

      Caller ID said Jim Martellaro, called my business line. Tried to call back but it said number not in service. Sounds like a trash call from a ghost.

    9. Galen says:

      its is a collection agency stupid!

    10. Jed says:

      Received a text message saying "You have been randomly selected for a Best Buy gift. Get your $1000 gift card at www.bestbuy.com.bestwinners1.org/?id=rwylrryywh"

    11. Reed says:

      Naran Prajapati at (267)844-7296 is a well known PIMP for Flushing, NY prostitution. (646)204-7977 - She is an INDIAN prostitute and mainly doing her prostitution business in Flushing Grand Hotel (36-38 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11354) every day. Sometimes she can be found in the Farrington Hotel or by the nearby areas. She is known by different name hiding her real name. Also, her pimp's telephone number s are: (347)350-4408 and (267)844-7296 who helps her getting clients.

    12. Vito says:

      this person is a dillhole

    13. Maximo says:

      If your phone provider has a block feature, this is the only solution. This is probably a robo-dial programmed to answer only if someone picks up.

    14. Mel says:

      I, too, just a call on my cell from this number.  Any time I find a number is suspicious, I add it to my contacts as spam.  Often these scumbags will call back, but when my phone identifies the number as spam, I can cut it off without worrying that I'm missing something important.

    15. Hobert says:

      Dont knw how old u are but my daughter is 16 get lost thanks