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    1. Ernest says:

      I rented from Enterprise today and got a call today. I called the customer service number to get my member number. Maybe thats it.

    2. Shaun says:

      gentleman called me (321-224-8053) and said i have a civil suit against me and need to call to verify w/my case number....bull crap, second call i have had from this same scenerio about 6 months ago. who can we call and complain too!

    3. Dan says:

      2 missed calls a week apart, no vmails though.

    4. Alex says:

      Just got a call from someone at that number also about my car's warranty. Claims I didn't extend my factory warranty. When I pointed out that I did and that he should check his records, he hung up rather quickly

    5. Antonia says:

      Hes A fraud he won't leave me alone

    6. Rufus says:

      Everest college. I told them that I am not interested.

    7. Mose says:

      This is SkillFront/CBT eXpress.

    8. Riley says:

      no calls no text no voicemail

    9. Royal says:

      I received a call from this number 6-13-11 asking if anyone had notified me of my prize winnings. Hace had similar calls from an 876 area code. These are all bogus and want me to send money somewhere before they will deliver the "prize" to my bank account. NO WAY>

    10. Newton says:

      Lady dont waits it seen him he dont Want to pay

    11. Lawerence says:

      Called me three times and there's no noise on the other end it's rediculous

    12. Ernest says:

      in a few years spanish language will be the US main language.... afraid you can't speak another language my friend??? Better learn it quick!!!

    13. Lamont says:

      “Rachael, card holder accounts” robo call current aka:

    14. Homer says:

      Still scaming people!!!!! I got a call from them this week many times. Finally talk to them and they told me that I had a loan that was not paid and the money was put into an account in 2008, which I didn't even have in that year. When I told him that I didn't have the account they told me that it was done in 2009. Lucky for me, I didn't have the account in 2009 either!!!! I told him that he was trying to run a scam and he started to yell and told me to go the the court house (didn't even tell me which one) with my attorney and pay them $5k. I will be keeping track of all these calls!

    15. Deshawn says:

      My secretary said Mr. Lamar called and left a message about Air & Heating business opportunity..