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    1. Rosario says:

      Who will answer strange phone calls (numbers)? Not me! ....I think this is just a scam!!!!

    2. Eldridge says:

      got a call from this body shop? 2000 miles away.

    3. Danilo says:

      They've called my and my 12 yo's cell a few times in the last two or three days. Yesterday the guy spoke so fast I could barely understand him. I asked him to repeat himself and he hung up on me. I asked a woman a couple days ago what she was calling about, she said she could only discuss it with 'so and so'. I made it clear that as an adult she would speak with me, an adult, and not 'so and so', my 12 yo child. She said their policy prevents them from speaking with amyone not part of the account. I asked what kind of account, she asked to speak with 'so and so' (my 12 year old MINOR CHILD) and I said no. She said they'd remove her from their calling list. They've called for her twice since.

    4. Odell says:

      This dumb numba called me in class and made my phone go off. My teacher took it! That's the 2 time this has happened!

    5. Kurt says:

      I'm not sure, something about pursuing education???

    6. Isidro says:

      Wtf! They keep getting past the call block

    7. Ralph says:

      Received a call Saturday evening from 121-234-5678, bad connection and a lot of static on the line. I could barely understand what this person was saying.  Asked twice what company this is, she said she was calling from a law firm in regards to mortgage modification.  I said not interested and hung up. I don't have caller ID, so I *69 my phone.  Who are these people?

    8. Malik says:

      I dont know amyone from Russia

    9. Napoleon says:

      Umm..a phone # has that power??  Explain!

    10. Loyd says:

      # 978-485-0530 no message called at12:35pm

    11. Nick says:

      I answered the phone (before I noticed the caller ID). The kids were crying and the man on the other end said 'woah! is everything ok?" I said yes. he said 'then you need to put a foot in that baby's mouth!' and hung up!

    12. Domenic says:

      Got a call from this at 9:35 am on my tracphone but couldn't answer it in time. Only a few people call me on the phone so I thought it might be important. Tried calling back but always met with "we're sorry your call cannot be completed as dialed" or "due to difficulties in local phone service your call cannot be completed" (last one might be due to heavy rain outside).Wasn't able to answer back and then looked online to see who's number it was and found this site. Thanks, it takes a load off my mind. Never got spam sent to my cell phone before.

    13. Abdul says:

      Call came in while I was on a tele-conference.  Used my cell to call back thinking it was my sister-in-law.  Got the weird recording threatening me if I didn't send money.  I was unable to track the person or carrier, so I reported it to the San Antonio Police.

    14. Reuben says:

      Every so often I get a call from an "unknown" number & caller leaves message that "This is John King..,please return my call at toll free #...." Needless to say, never call him back. Gotta be a scam.

    15. Deon says:

      Scammers, threatening legal action for bill collection on a debt that is over 12 years old.