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    1. Korey says:

      Hello. is this the phone number of The Hudson Company in Southfield MI?

    2. Rocky says:

      Recieved a call from this number on my cell and they did not leave a message.

    3. Alfonzo says:

      mmobear:Greg,What a stroke of luck to have been fotatnure enough to snatch the last available copy on hand of Prairie Dust from the table as you were packing up to leave saturday at the Motorcycle Show! Timing is everything as they say, a few moments later and I would not have had the pleasure this past week to enjoy such a story of pioneering,engineering and Vintage Motorcycle Canadiana. It is with bittersweet Irony I realise now, that I have come across MMM on many occasions at various swap meets and have not had the insight to realize the immense value it offers, I will of course have to remedy this and ensure that I secure a copy as soon as posible.You've done a supurb job of capturing the man, recreating the time and telling the story.

    4. Carrol says:

      Not sure who this is. Left message saying her name was Gary from USPS and wanted to talk to me about saving on my ebay and amazon shipping.

    5. Ellsworth says:

      They said they were the government

    6. Alfonso says:

      Answered this call and it was a recording about the Vaginal Mesh or Bladder Mesh Sling. I hung up before a live person came on. The recording said to press 3 to stop the calls. I figure this is a lawyer because people are suing over this type of surgery.

    7. Roberto says:

      calls about 10 times a day

    8. Ellis says:

      Someone called from this number several times without leaving a message.  Finally, a message was left, claiming that the call was from the Centers for Disease Control, taking a survey about childhood immunizations.  We did NOT return the call since we could not see any reason why this particular survey would have anything to do with us.

    9. Stan says:

      Received call from this number about 30 minutes ago ... they don't leave any message."Source Receivables Management"/ "Source RM" = zombie bottom feeding debt collectors.Also calls from 3145581669

    10. Rafael says:

      This is a telemarketing company that doesn't stop calling when when you ask them to stop. They are also very rude when you try to tell them you are not interested.

    11. Virgil says:

      NCL Financial systems, debt collection.

    12. Murray says:

      Received a text telling me to create a profile on rate-myself.com (sex site)I paid a couple of dollars to find out who had my number... According to Spokeo, the number is registered to a Jessica Walder out of Spanaway, WA. Further research revealed no such person! SPAM

    13. Barney says:

      Keep kalln bot sweepstakes

    14. Genaro says:

      I work for a business & we are always getting inbound calls from this 661-206-0712 probably 1x a week maybe even more. I've only worked for this company for a year & I get the call about once a month.

    15. Larry says:

      Go to donotcall.gov and file a complaint.