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    1. Lon says:

      Hung up in my face when i told them my husband wasn't home. Then called back n just hung up whe I answered

    2. Garland says:

      My name is Emerald. Most people call me Emmie. My father works at the FBI. I am 12 years old. I receive calls from this number 205 304-7556 on a daily basis at 2AM. My dad says that he is going to send this person to prison for the rest of their life.

    3. Roscoe says:

      I am receiving calls from this number. They have left a number of messages, all in Spanish, which is not a language that I am familiar with. When I called back to see who was calling me, I was met with a recorded message in Spanish. These calls are highly annoying!!!!

    4. Irwin says:

      Health insurance scammer. Wanted to take credit card information but did not want to provide the plan information in writing. Gave this website as reference: http://www.healthgrades.com/

    5. Josiah says:

      hey i think you may be think of it as +1 then 23... whatever the next number it is.

    6. Emmett says:

      about be secret shopper, I have been getting tons of spam text messages and am getting tired of it

    7. Benito says:

      I received a call today from this number 310-209-8599. It was shortly after completing an online application so I suspect it is related to that.

    8. Rodney says:


    9. Jerald says:

      Calls my cell phone, rings once, than hangs up.

    10. Jorge says:

      Calls and hangs up without saying anything. Listens to you answer then hangs up.

    11. Daron says:

      Called them back and their voicemail said "WCA Subscriber Services. We do not recognize your number as a member...." WTF?? And they hung up.

    12. Junior says:

      They are claiming that I have been qualified to received a grant. I never applied for a grant which they claimed I did and in order to received the confirmation email I must pay 3.87 from. CC card.

    13. Jack says:

      i dont want it texting or calling

    14. Julio says:

      <SUBJECT>  ? get back to me asap

    15. Jermaine says:

      I was so fed up with this guy - I placed a referee's whistle beside the 'phone.  When he called again - I blasted his eardrum - his ear will ring for a while.