904-364 Phone Me Not

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    1. Hilario says:

      they called me and hung up after I answered as well. I called them back and a recording said "you have reached the united states prescription card dept..........

    2. Sol says:

      This number called me so many times. Always before I had finished speaking, they hangs up the phone.  It severely disturbs my life.

    3. Ian says:

      My Son got one yesterday from an NY phone number and my wife got 2 today

    4. Abel says:

      They keep calling and calling man smh, I hate them already!!

    5. Michal says:

      second time in 2 days ,selling insulation etc, Also with day and time they will be coming. Since I warned them before will report # to FCC for all the good it does. SEEMS LIKE THE DNC THING ISN'T WORKING ANYMORE.

    6. Osvaldo says:

      i wish i could see ur pic bigger; but very small since i am reluctant to go to your page :(

    7. Angelo says:

      Lame unknown collect call

    8. Phil says:

      im getting text messages from 141-000-0007 and i dont know who it is

    9. Jewell says:

      Been getting calls for 2 weeks several times a day. Twice my voicemail came on and they ask for my husband by name, going as far as turning his name into a cutie name.When I amswer they ask for my husband by name and I let them know he was at work, when I asked what the caller needed they hung up. Same 2 people call, a man and a woman. What do I do?

    10. Titus says:

      Phonebook says Michael Beyer347 N Edwards

    11. Dave says:

      Long Beach Merchant Account Processing offers Hi Risk Merchant Account, Hi Risk Merchant Services, Hi Risk Credit Card Processing, Hi Risk Credit Card Services in Long Beach, MS.

    12. Byron says:

      This company keeps on calling my cell phone!

    13. Joshua says:

      your unwanted spam ad has been reported.

    14. Norberto says:

      This number has called several times at my dad's number. He called it once and someone answered but did not respond to his questioning. I called it five minutes ago and it rang twice and then gave me a recording from the phone company saying that the number was disconnected. When the person called my dad it had a name on caller ID.

    15. Jacinto says:

      I am getting txt messages from this number on my cell phone. Please stop this.