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    1. Raymond says:

      I got a call from 727-667-2841 as well as 909-842-9166.  They told me that I won $100 gas card and $500 shopping spree.  They said they were from Visa platinum rewards and we had won.

    2. Darryl says:

      Called my cell phone today, did not leave message.

    3. Roy says:

      Hey pal, I do tell the truth. Because I know the facts. You clearly don't! BTW, who exactly do you think you are helping? There are many people who are looking for an opportunity to make a better income and achieve financial independence. Many people continue to build wonderful careers at Primerica. If you are not interested, fine. So stop screwing with other people's lives and let people find out for themselves. They are adults and can weight the facts without your misguided "intelligence."

    4. Linwood says:

      Nonstop texting and harassing me. As well as a few threats

    5. George says:

      dumbass hung up no message

    6. Carroll says:

      stop call me 256-727-5273

    7. Kelly says:

      I live in Sweden and this number will you get as caller I.D if you call someone in the 206 area code outside the U.S, so to all you "happy" Americans - it was someone that called you from some other country in the world.

    8. Darin says:

      at home sick,the phone rang and was answerred after 2 rings-there was nobody there and it hung up on me. did *69 and found this number

    9. Randall says:

      This # has shown up on my caller ID as unknown caller SEVERAL TIMES over the last several days.  When I pick up and say hello nobody says anything on the other end.

    10. Reed says:

      Have received 2 calls from this number in 2 day both were hang ups

    11. Ted says:

      spam-scam spanish recording re visa #

    12. Leif says:

      They call and play a recorded message saying to contact them. I think this company must be bunch of scammers, every page on their web site "under construction". I will not give them any information, including my name to a company that might or might not be real. I have now set my phone to ignore this # and send them right to voice mail every time. If the leave a real message I may call them back. For now they are annoying me for no reason.

    13. Malik says:

      Calls from this number have been coming in several times a day for the last two or three weeks.  We try to screen them and not answer, but accidentally did.  They identified themself as something to do with adult diabetes.  I hung up, and they called me back a half hour later.  I told them I was on the 'do not call list' and didn't want their calls.  Is there any way to report them to the government authorities?

    14. Riley says:

      just do not want any more calls from him.

    15. Ismael says:

      Harassment and won't leave me alone.