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    1. Murray says:

      I too recieved call at 05:04PM. Attended but no one spoke.....???????

    2. Gerald says:

      I'm selling a car in California, number is from NY, trying to pay me with a money order that is more than the price of the car

    3. Andre says:

      This is number is a foundation that raises money for police officer's families for the police that die on duty.

    4. Antone says:

      Calling the number back, it tries to set you up for a daily contest to win a number of prizes, including a $50,000 top prize.  No real person to talk to, but does give option to put your number to be removed from their calling list

    5. Roman says:

      Prepaid Wal-Mart gift card.

    6. Angelo says:

      Calling all times off the day and night

    7. Hershel says:

      Did o wanna by a FEW pounds

    8. Hollis says:

      Spammer & prank calling

    9. Miquel says:

      In a Foreigners voice, I recieved a phone message saying that they were Publishers Clearing House, and that I had won 3.5 million. Yeah right? They left 2 phone numbers to contact, one of which was this 207-496-9395

    10. Moises says:

      Well I have sent them over $500 dollars in a week and know they are saying to me that I have to pay another $139 because the IRS is holding the monies until that is paid. I completely understand where you are coming from because I honestly thought/hoping it was ligitate but I do not think it is because know that I am telling them I am contacting the FBI (which by the way in CA you have to pay $25 to submit a complaint) which of course I do not have since I have given this Advance America all my money.  So I am trying to find who or where to go to get my monies back.

    11. Marcelo says:

      They won't stop calling me.

    12. Conrad says:

      Did not leave a voice message.

    13. Garry says:

      Calls himself Joe Cowie. Says he need my urgent help. aks me to e-mail him. Sounds like spam.

    14. Brent says:

      Shoppers: Make $100/ day! Undercover shoppers needed to judge retail & dining establishments! No experience required.Call 1-888-706-7667Reply STOP to end

    15. Keven says:

      I rec'd a call from both numbers. Funny thing is, each call came to two different cell phones. I did not answer either phone.