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    1. Norris says:

      T-mobile scam in Spanish. Pre-recorded voice tells you to press #1. Do not do it, not sure what it does if you do. But no need to experiment as this is a scam

    2. Pierre says:

      human waste spamming Google fraud

    3. Willis says:

      Keeps calling. When u call back, it immediately goes to a beep for you to leave a message.

    4. Milford says:

      supposed fraud case wont give info.

    5. Hollis says:

      Frequent calls and but no one is on the line.

    6. Scottie says:

      Got a call from 555-557-8786 at 4:10pm no answer when i picked up like it was some robo call?!?! Weird. Comcast cannot block the call as it does not recognize it as a valid number. I checked area code 555 and could not locate any info other than it comes from North America? A week ago some weirdo who sounded like some man from India called me and wanted to know if I had a windows computer so I wonder if this is correlated...

    7. Truman says:

      I got a call from this number they did not leave a message. I called them back the guy gave some speel about a lone told him to wait a min. I got my whistle and blew it into the phone.Hints the name whistle blower

    8. Adam says:

      I've gotten 10 spam calls since 8 am....

    9. Jame says:

      Got a call from 1-209-589-0854. Its from California. Left no message.

    10. Josef says:

      This is absolutely ridiculous nonsense. The number that you guys have been discussing is a perfectly harmless and helpful number, and all your comments are spam! This number's owner also happens to be my friend so I warn you guys to shut your trap from further malicious comments.

    11. Rudolph says:

      Called left NO MESSAGE. I DO NOT know anyone who ives in Florida

    12. Francesco says:

      Son puros inutiles business name Centro de ayuda legal keeps calling

    13. Leonardo says:

      One of several I received on a sunday morning.  They seem to be rotating to different numbers when I didn't answer

    14. Elroy says:

      what makes u think there from michigan?

    15. Kory says:

      name unavailable.  no message