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    1. Adolph says:

      Got a call no message, I called it back and it just put me on hold with a recorded message saying to wait for a representative and that my call was important to them actually held for over a minute with no answer.

    2. Lyman says:

      We have been receiving calls for the last two weeks.  Same info when call back the number; not a working number.  Shows on caller ID as TX 210-223-3656.  Disconnects when answered and no message is left.  It is a San Antonio number.

    3. Mohamed says:

      A woman called 5 times over the course of one week but didn't left voicemails.

    4. Greg says:

      I have had 3 calls today its a computer calling wanting to tell me about a program really called Sprint they blocked the number for free

    5. Jarod says:

      Probably a education/ school finder service. They got my number from a job search site i signed up for. Not spam. Only got one call. Did not speak to them.

    6. Wilford says:

      Unknown person left no message

    7. Demarcus says:


    8. Brice says:

      I received 2 mms from this number today. But I can't open them. I find it odd that I received them being that my mobile service is not active.

    9. Adolfo says:

      They wanted to give me something that I won from a sweepstakes.

    10. Garfield says:

      Got multiple calls at our firm from this number. Once they call, and my voice mail picks up, then it just stops - dead air.

    11. Harris says:

      me molesta a cualquier hora ,quisiera que se desaparecieran

    12. Colin says:

      Seeing as you type in about as good of English as the morons who call from this number speak, isn't it obvious that you work for them and are trying to put positive comments here so that people will believe it's true? Also, interesting that you post the same basic comment under different names. You are complete scam artists, but luckily you don't even have good enough english skills to make it believable. Good luck finding people dumb enough to fall for this.

    13. Milan says:

      Second time I've been 'notified' that 'my entry' has won me a 'free' gift card. It would be a little more believable had they not used the redundant verbiage the 'free' , with 'gift'. I won't be clicking the link clicking

    14. Ivan says:

      Our teams of highly trained, uniformed professionals provide unmatched service making them the best people to have when you need your carpets or upholstery cleaned.

    15. Royal says:

      I received a text about Apple ipod as well---be one of the first 1,000 and receive for free: my text came in at 2:22 AM and cannot get a solid reverse number search to agree if it is a land line or a cell phone....either way it has to be bogus and want to report the number and the people behind it.