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    1. Elisha says:

      The number is registered to "Gone Debt" out of St. Louis, MO

    2. Alvaro says:

      I ordered a fugigi ball 2 days ago and the calls started tonight!

    3. Jose says:

      i got same message and got scammed because i gave them the information

    4. Elvin says:

      This was an unsolicited text I received and need to know how to block texts from this number.

    5. Lucio says:

      I received a text message from this number telling me that there is a problem with my bank account. The only problem with that is, I don't bank with that bank that's in the text.

    6. Claude says:

      I didn't like the way they left a message on my answering machine saying there was a problem with a recent business transaction. They make it seem like someone may have fraudulently used one of your credit cards. They need to be more professional with how they go about trying to collect a debt.

    7. Marlin says:

      I got a couple of calls from 205 341-3785, twice at 12:30 a.m and another two times at 5a.m. to my house phone and I called back and " the number you are calling is busy" or " the number you are calling mail box is full... yeah full of crap! This needs to be stopped and Now.

    8. Keith says:

      they called, when I answered I heard nothing.  I said hello a couple of times and hung up.  ive learned not to wait too long for these calls.

    9. Cristopher says:

      I got the call, too. Just outside Atlanta. Now if I can just find out which telco is the one carrying/charging that number then I think I can do something to get it to stop - or pulled... Probably they'd come up with another number. Hmmm...

    10. Alden says:

      I recieve calls from this number EVERY day and there is NEVER anyone on the other end and when I tried to call it back it said that the number was NOT in service. I am going to report as I am on the do NOT call list!

    11. Dannie says:

      i got a call from that number saying i was approved for 3000 and had to pay a secutity deposit of 200 then he kept on trying to get me to purchase a green dot money pak i knew it was bulshitt

    12. Pat says:

      i just got the same sms! seems dodgy!

    13. Kasey says:

      Rec'd an email with this number on it saying it was from Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

    14. Jay says:

      Unanswered- the # is obviously not legit

    15. Esteban says:

      I received 3 calls but no one said anything when I answered!!