908-212 Phone Me Not

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    1. Raul says:

      I was told that I was gonna get mine I was gonna die and someone was going to beat me to death

    2. Heath says:

      I just got a call from that number, 5 minutes after the guy above me in this thread did. I answered and it was dead air. Very weird.

    3. Bradly says:

      I have received several calls from 270-985-1422 and 270-450-3798 on my cell phone. I did not answer because the number was unknown to me. I'm glad I didn't answer.

    4. Alphonse says:

      I didn't answer. Voice mail message was just static.

    5. Ward says:

      speak in english with asian accent

    6. Cliff says:

      Woman named "Karisa" called and said she was from "U.S. Builders "and that she was getting ready for a spring project" and was looking for "4-5 Top Contractors" in California.  When I inquired about the location of her company she said they had two offices; one in Washington DC and the other in Portland, Maine.  She asked if I had heard of her company before and I said I hadn't.  She wanted information from me about my company, but I first asked her that I wanted to know more about US Builders first.  It turns out that US Builders is nothing more than a publication.  They are NOT a construction company.  I told Karisa I was NOT interested and hung up.  

    7. Walker says:

      Nothing was said, these calls and text come frome various states always tring to get me to take a loan ... more than once a day

    8. Homer says:

      Received call on cell phone, did not answer.  No message was left.  Same as others when I called back - number not in service.

    9. Jarod says:

      Same thing happened to me but when i called right back, it said the number was disconnected.  weird

    10. Ezra says:

      Tipsters from the latest online derby but I cannot just trust this person unless he provide his real identity.

    11. Demetrius says:

      Just called me about a survey I supposedly had filled out, that I indicated I was interested in "Job Opportunities". I've been disabled for over 10 years. Nice try, buddy.

    12. Markus says:

      Unsure. Number was added to Do Not Call Request.

    13. Dario says:

      a voip dial-out number used by Israeli telescammers..

    14. Colby says:

      Got a call from this number, 207-562-2232 but wisely didn't pick up. When calling it back later I get a message stating number is not in service. This can only be done from a Droid, iPhone type App that masks phone numbers. I would suspect that this is a service that Telemarketers use to find out when a person picks up the phone so I would advise, DON'T PICK UP.

    15. Elvis says:

      Never say anything when calls