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    1. Lupe says:

      Received call from this number claiming to be from the Texas Trooper Association. Person that called sounded fake and was laughing. Called again twice after I hung up. You could hear laughter in the background.

    2. Ashley says:

      No call or text thank you good bye......

    3. Gregorio says:

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    4. Leandro says:

      So much for registering your name on these DO NOT CALL LISTS!  they still call and now it is to cell phones!  No message left so you know it was nothing important.. but what about when you are driving and have a blue tooth on, you have no idea who it is !  

    5. Leon says:

      Playing on the phone called from a different number

    6. Jake says:

      Same here, I'm not going to pick it up.

    7. Barney says:

      Caller ID said "ELITE" and they wanted me to invest in something or other.

    8. Ray says:

      if someone could help me with loaning me 1300.00 dollars until my next payday , then i could keep my house & my truck & my utility bills otherwise i will loose everything ive worked for if anybody could help me that would be so helpful thank you

    9. Deandre says:

      Was left a voicemail about claiming a prize or something.

    10. Mark says:

      Same story.  travis.mcdonald1@hotmail.com.  Pay with Paypal with no negotiating. I'm going to request cashiers checks.

    11. Blake says:

      They'll never stop calling me

    12. Marcellus says:

      Scam about reducing credit card debt.

    13. Johnnie says:

      i don't like him he is a cheater and a lier!!!!

    14. Tad says:

      Our caller ID shows "Waterfront Cons". They call at least once a day, and only let the phone ring twice. If I grab it quickly enough to talk to a live person, they try to sell me a life-alert. My husband and I have both told them we are not interested, but to no avail. They somehow got my husband's cell phone number, and have begun leaving him messages, including a different number to call back. He called, got a live person, told her he wasn't interested, and yet the calls continue. I would like to get the calls stopped, but even more, I would like to see the people behind this scheme stopped and held accountable.

    15. Eli says:

      Didnt say who called, but they called claiming that I won a gift card