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    1. Logan says:

      "Ron, this is Theodore Holman please call me at 209-858-3731"

    2. Rocco says:

      Automated message and was offering free items.

    3. Jamar says:

      I figured since you don't know what your talking about I would help you. many dems and liberal tend to speak without bothering to know what they are talking about first. Here is the rule directly from the do not call registry. You can apply for politicalrobocall stops but that something completely different and not the do not call list.

    4. Dorsey says:

      I got a text from 208-219-0995 claiming I won an IPad. It wanted me to click on the link. I didn't open it.

    5. Stephan says:

      "Hey [my name], not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But www.smoke8.com is giving away free e-cig trials. - Johnny"Have never smoked. No idea how they got this number.

    6. Coleman says:

      I received a phone call from this number last week, didn't answer it because I don't recognize the number.  I received a phone today, only stating publishers' housing.  I asked what the call was regarding because my friend and I share the cell phone, which they happened to be looking for her.  When they identified who it was, I told the representative, my friend would not be interested in telemarketing gimmicks nor would I, the SKANK said, then it is you then immediately hung up on me.  I tried to call back to correct the beeotch but it rang busy, then it finally rang and someone picked up the phone then hung up.  I called again and it just rang.

    7. Lewis says:

      Called and hung up when I answered. I work for an insurance agency and answering hang ups is a huge interruption to my day.

    8. Ezra says:

      Rent, buy and sell timeshare

    9. Genaro says:

      learn how to respect people and not be so rude maybe you would get alot futhet

    10. Luciano says:

      This number has been blocked.

    11. Joey says:

      Asked for another person in my home & wouldn't leave a message. I don't want unwanted calls nor telemarketers.

    12. Horace says:

      Computer call saying call Kohl's department store

    13. Danial says:

      they keep calling every days and nights to my phone number. How can I stop them

    14. Felipe says:

      Texted offering movie casting and such.

    15. Normand says:

      they have called us twice in last week and left no message. caller ID just indicates Cold Spring Harbor, NY.