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    1. Bernie says:

      This # Calls 3-4 times a day after I brought an item from an infomercial..its just dead silence when u pick up

    2. Ramon says:

      wish they would stop damn calling me

    3. Margarito says:

      Calling me blocked texting me none stop I don't know why

    4. Leonel says:

      Nothing. They'd hang up before I could answer & the line would be busy when I called back.

    5. Dusty says:

      They said I have won a alarm system then I hung up the phone

    6. Tom says:

      I also got a call from them today. Someone with the indian accent, very pushy....

    7. Seth says:

      the same number called and then someone started talking saiyng that there are from brastemp

    8. Ronny says:

      That person no longer has this number but you keep calling

    9. Mckinley says:

      last couple months been leaving missed calls repeatedly Dont know who it is Tried texting no response

    10. Alexander says:

      who is this person that keeps on calling us everyday, what do they want. i wan tto fiel a complaint on this number.

    11. Mauricio says:

      I've gotten about 4 calls from this number in a few days. They wont leave a message and I answered it this a.m. and no one spoke. Heard background noise so I knew someone was there and then they hung up. Ive tried calling it back and always a busy signal.

    12. Bertram says:

      This number called my ph. Also, I saw it once before in my call log before I downloaded the mr# app & tried to call it back but no one picked up. I believe tht this # has indeed called my # private many times

    13. Kevin says:

      I also received this call from +1646416656 number. I am from Czech republic. Where did she get my number, I donīt know. I hang up phone and than she call me just 3times. I donīt belive it. Good bye

    14. Stanton says:

      Meds. They're selling meds.

    15. Freddie says:

      Leaving collection call voicemails on my son's phone, several times a day, every day for the last two weeks.  He has no debt except a car payment which is always paid on time.  He has no credit cards, medical debts, nothing.  No idea why they're calling him unless someone applied for credit using his phone number as a fake.