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    1. Hyman says:

      I called both the number on my caller ID and the 209 number and got the same blond female.  I used to be an investigator so it raised a red flag

    2. Erwin says:

      Called about furthing education.

    3. Agustin says:

      The Indian Guy has struck again but will ask you to call 209-491-2412. This is a new number, when I called it back in the wee early morning a female answered and stated only her and her 7 yr old lived there and I havent gotten another call. I'm guessing because the phone is registered to a Angela Taylor of Modesto California and can be traced back to real info.

    4. Ahmad says:

      they call me at work and home they call from

    5. Abraham says:

      This caller calls several times per day over the last few days; once when I answered, a Spanish speaking woman asked for someone no longer here at my number. Then hung up... also called and hangd up without speaking when I unavaiodably answered... this time the phone went dead and I had to call my service provider to get my line back in service. How can these folks be stopped from harassing us?

    6. Leif says:

      We get phone calls from this number 4 or 5 times a day!!!!!!!! Very annoying!!!!!!!!!! We answer and no one is there? The caller id shows area code 201 - out of area. Don't know how they got our number; we are on the do not call registry and shouldn' t be receiving calls like this!!

    7. Julio says:

      Have received several calls a week for months now.

    8. Toney says:

      Received several calls from a KC or Casey claiming to have personal information.

    9. Jamison says:

      Yes I get these emails all the time, the very first time I did not know and yes they sent me a check for $3500.00, lucky for me I had the frame of mind to ask my bank about it before I made the deposit. I was so angry that I fell for such a stupid trick, at least I found out before it was to late, it would have cost me a big chunk of money to Avon and my bank. So I always tell them if they want to order please pay by credit card on the site or if they want they can locate an Avon Rep in their area who will help them.

    10. Josue says:

      Infiniti of Hoffman Estates

    11. Augustine says:

      I don't have Verizon Wireless. I have a TMobile pay as you go cell phone! Just got a call from this number. I rejected it. And then blocked it. Very annoying.

    12. Dylan says:

      Just got a call saying I was committing check fraud and they were pursuing criminal charges against me. I asked them to fax me details of the complaint and they hung up. Obvious scam.

    13. Richard says:

      "Dan" carpet cleaner called my cell phone.  I answered my cell.  After I said "hello" there was a short pause and then the following recording came on "Hello my name is Dan and I clean carpets".  I hung up immediately after I heard this.

    14. Lane says:

      Scam they claim to be giving a grant

    15. Benito says:

      As with the other posts, they called but left no message.