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    1. Hyman says:

      I called both the number on my caller ID and the 209 number and got the same blond female.  I used to be an investigator so it raised a red flag

    2. Erwin says:

      Called about furthing education.

    3. Agustin says:

      The Indian Guy has struck again but will ask you to call 209-491-2412. This is a new number, when I called it back in the wee early morning a female answered and stated only her and her 7 yr old lived there and I havent gotten another call. I'm guessing because the phone is registered to a Angela Taylor of Modesto California and can be traced back to real info.

    4. Ahmad says:

      they call me at work and home they call from

    5. Abraham says:

      This caller calls several times per day over the last few days; once when I answered, a Spanish speaking woman asked for someone no longer here at my number. Then hung up... also called and hangd up without speaking when I unavaiodably answered... this time the phone went dead and I had to call my service provider to get my line back in service. How can these folks be stopped from harassing us?

    6. Leif says:

      We get phone calls from this number 4 or 5 times a day!!!!!!!! Very annoying!!!!!!!!!! We answer and no one is there? The caller id shows area code 201 - out of area. Don't know how they got our number; we are on the do not call registry and shouldn' t be receiving calls like this!!

    7. Julio says:

      Have received several calls a week for months now.

    8. Toney says:

      Received several calls from a KC or Casey claiming to have personal information.

    9. Josue says:

      Infiniti of Hoffman Estates

    10. Augustine says:

      I don't have Verizon Wireless. I have a TMobile pay as you go cell phone! Just got a call from this number. I rejected it. And then blocked it. Very annoying.

    11. Dylan says:

      Just got a call saying I was committing check fraud and they were pursuing criminal charges against me. I asked them to fax me details of the complaint and they hung up. Obvious scam.

    12. Richard says:

      "Dan" carpet cleaner called my cell phone.  I answered my cell.  After I said "hello" there was a short pause and then the following recording came on "Hello my name is Dan and I clean carpets".  I hung up immediately after I heard this.

    13. Lane says:

      Scam they claim to be giving a grant

    14. Benito says:

      As with the other posts, they called but left no message.

    15. Clarence says:

      They called me by name and wanted to show me a presentation of their company asked when could they come over when I asked who he was he acted like he knew me but in reality he didn't when he asked could he come over I asked who was he, then he asked did I still live on some street. I then told him I don't know quandary u don't know me. He apologies and I says he don't know how he got my phone number. I then hung up and spammed this number. I know its a hoax to obtain my personal information or gain entry into my dwelling under false pretense.