909-573 Phone Me Not

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  • 909-573-2431
  • 909-573-2432
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    1. Kris says:

      did a google search. came up Liquid Oak Painting. Didn't answer, they didnt leave a message. Going on the block list.

    2. Frank says:

      I'm getting the same calls everyday but no voice mail along with other unknown blocked numbers every hour to two for the past month now

    3. Steven says:

      I get a call from these guys every month. I usually press “1” and ask them to take me off of their phone solicitation list. Today I asked to talk to a Manager and I wish I could have reordered the call! This guy proceeded to call me every name in the book. I couldn’t believe it so I hang on for almost 2 full minutes while he used every Swear word I’ve ever heard and some I think must be a Bronx New York thing. This is a SCAM!!! Ran by a few people in a Bronx apartment trying to scam people into giving them your personal information.

    4. Darin says:

      this moring got one call and it said i won $1000.00 gift card from wal-mart my sister got one from the number 949-466-4029 said the very same thing, this is not the first time this has happen to both of us and different family members! i'm sure the other times has been different phone numbers!

    5. Prince says:

      Not spam. Bank of America

    6. Antone says:

      This getting to be too much. Constant harassment. It wont end. Random number random person.

    7. Darrell says:

      Who is this. I have never seen the number before or anything.

    8. Kirk says:

      Bank Of America fraud department.

    9. Gil says:

      Keep getting calls even though am on do not call registry.

    10. Phillip says:

      Asswholes..stop calling this number.

    11. Stefan says:

      same above. I called back but nobody pick it up. So annoying.

    12. Reginald says:

      They call and say to speak to someone immediatly press 1 so I hang up because I didn't call them and if no one is on the other end I am not holding

    13. Norris says:


    14. Jordan says:

      They said that I had won an iPad and that they needed my address to know where to ship it to. However, I would also have to log onto http://apple.ca.llvc.ccObviously a scam. May horrible things happen to them.

    15. Dwight says:

      I WANT MY $100.00 GIFT CARD