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    1. Ivan says:

      Me too!  I cna't find anything about blocking these spam messages.  have you found a solution?

    2. Ernest says:

      Constantly sendin me perverted texts

    3. Lloyd says:

      they keep calling at least twice a week, since beginning of dec. never leave a message and i actually pick up once...and there is nothing on the other end.!

    4. Hipolito says:

      same thing is happening to me. and he says the only way for him to stop calling is if i kiss him haha. how is he getting our numbers!?!?

    5. Kristofer says:

      Oh, THAT. I really make that concention at first (and I really paying that much attention TBH). Okay, I just typed it all out and, right, that really makes no sense unless Lucius was looking for them earlier than that (which he been).

    6. Tommy says:

      Spam texts about some Target gift card. Idiots.

    7. Domenic says:

      V g b bbbhhb b hg vgbc g h by bg by ggvv nyc. B Bryant ybbygggt bggbnhg. Ybvgv. Evvy g y hby. By

    8. Tod says:

      I don't know who called, that's why I'm using your service

    9. Edison says:

      This is a new number for the same place.  The message is the exact same everything each time.  This sounds to be a pre-recorded message to me now.

    10. Kent says:

      This is a scam that claims to be the Two Harbors Federal Credit Union. They use it in hopes you are dumb enough to tell them your CC number.

    11. Rodney says:

      Received 2 calls- one on 1/10/12 and one on 1/11/12 .

    12. Buddy says:

      robot call with some special offer. hung up before i heard specifics.

    13. Lloyd says:

      The woman spoke Spanish. I told her I did not speak Spanish I live in America. She seemed upset that I did not speak Spanish and tried using broken English asking if I spoke Spanish. I told her no I did not speak Spanish and good bye and hung up.

    14. Bradley says:

      I don't no this person and keep getting calls

    15. Clinton says:

      I thought this was my grandma but it says Nina and when I call it she don't awnser